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Jeweller: Digital & Social Media Guide

Your customers now browse and buy in many different ways, in many different places using different media. Shopping has changed forever. Jeweller looks at how social media is revolutionising business, and asks, 'Are you changing too?'


Luxury Brands and Social Media

Luxury brands were slow to adapt to the internet but as Coleby Nicholson reports, most now realise the importance of social media to customer relationship and branding.

6 Aussie Trailblazers: How social media PROPELLED OUR brand
Many jewellery retailers and suppliers have already had great success using social media. Discover the real-life benefits of ‘going digital’.

It's an 'Appy World: Jewellery iPad Apps
With the rapid uptake of portable devices, jewellery brands have risen quickly to meet their B2B and B2C customers through branded jewellery apps. Angela Han reports on how apps are increasingly being used in the industry.
Designers and jewellers: Get a kickstart online
We all know eBay, but have you heard of Kickstarter and Etsy? Discover how niche digital platforms could be useful to manufacturing jewellers and designers.
Join Jeweller's Social Media Revolution
Many consider that the jewellery industry has been slow to embrace the digital age. Coleby Nicholson looks at how social media is revolutionising business.





Facebook Pages: Daily Dos and Don’ts

Social media might have a short history, but already marketers have learned what flies and what flops. Jeweller developed a check-list on what the experts say is best practice.

4 Top Facebook Timeline Pages: The Viral Factors
Leading brands are now using Facebook’s timeline to create highly engaging pages. Angela Han explains why these four companies are excelling at social media marketing.
Timeline Anatomy: Making Facebook Timeline work for you
Facebook's Timeline layout allows businesses to share stories through new, visually stimulating features. Discover how Tiffany & Co.* has stimulated fan engagement and how you can too.
Facebook: A Beginners Guide
Always wanted to get on the Facebook bandwagon, but found it too daunting? Jeweller walks you through the first steps to creating your own business Facebook page.


Google+: plus one ranking for jewellery businesses

Google+ arrived on the social media scene last year declaring it would challenge Facebook’s dominance. So far that hasn’t eventuated. But with around 100 million profiles created, it is still the gate-keeper to a substantial database of potential customers. Here are some of the positives and negatives.

Pinterest: Inspiration for jewellery businesses

If you haven’t heard of Pinterest, don’t worry. The virtual pinboard is new and has become a runaway success, rapidly gaining a large, dedicated and predominantly-female online community. As a virtual pinboard, Pinterest is a sensational fit for the jewellery industry and its obsession with aesthetics and style.

LinkedIn: Business networking made easy

If Facebook can seem like a teenage house party, then LinkedIn is civilised networking drinks. Social media for corporates, LinkedIn is an effective tool to network with other businesses and professionals.

Instagram: Photo studio and blog in a pocket

Sold recently to Facebook for $1 billion, Instagram has proven it’s no flash in the pan. This photo-sharing service is top of its class, offering some brilliant opportunities for jewellery retailers and suppliers to present their products.

Tumblr: Blog your brand. Brand your blog
Personality and prettiness seem to be the most valued features of a good blog, making it an ideal medium for the jewellery industry. Tumblr is a hybrid between social networking and blogging. Easy sharing functions enabling good content to quickly go viral.
Twitter: Your brand's story in 140 characters

Trying to increase business through Twitter can be a large commitment and can threaten to become a daily obsession. Jeweller reviews the pros and cons of using Twitter for your business.






Social Media Pitfalls: 7 things to remember
Social media can be a boon for many businesses, but there are many pitfalls. Dean Millard provides helpful advice for developing a company social media policy.
top 10: measure and manage your social media campaign
How effective and efficient are your social media campaigns? Angela Han explores tools that help you measure and manage all the posting, tweeting and blogging.





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