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Look closely and you'll find 'SUCCESS' in all the doom and gloom
Look closely and you'll find 'SUCCESS' in all the doom and gloom

Thriving not just surviving in the tough times

While Australia has not gone into recession technically, there is no doubt that certain segments of the economy have fallen on hard times however it's not all doom and gloom. 
Over the past 18 months, most retailers have been hammered by everything from interest rate fears and weak consumer sentiment through to tighter household budgets and the reported increase in online shopping. When confronted with economic downturn, pessimism and fear often set in. 

If there is an "upside" to a recession then it's that it forces business owners to examine their spending, reduce waste and clear out the deadwood. 

Indeed, for many savvy jewellery retailers, it doesn't have to be doom and gloom just because the media says so. Astute jewellers can turn a negative into a positive by creating new opportunities and aggressively positioning themselves ahead of the competition during economic downturns.

Call them modern-day jewellery retailers, Jeweller’s December magazine has gone in search of retailers who are proving that business isn’t that bad, especially if you view the glass as half-full.  

Who are they and what are their secrets?

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some retailers are THriving not just surviving

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Tuesday, 10 December, 2019 09:43pm
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