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Jeweller: March 2013 Issue

Our March issue has a variety of stories covering everything from the benefits of design collaborations, to the progression of casting in the jewellery industry. 

We also showcase the second part of the two-part article on how jewellers can take high-quality images using their smartphones. We address the mixed reviews about the Melbourne Fair and have an excellent story about six behaviours that can increase your jewellery sales.

There are also our regular columns offering valuable advice about better managing your jewellery business, especially during difficult trading times.

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This month's issue



This month's issue



Collaborate for a perfect match

Collaborations have the power to achieve what no single organisation can. Emily Mobbs reports that retailers and suppliers are looking for opportunities. Read more.

Casting a spell on jewellery

While the demand for customised jewellery remains constant, behind the scenes the casting industry has moved forward rapidly. Emily Mobbs asks a cross-section of jewellers about the crucial role of casting. Read more.

Smartphone snaps made easy- Part 2

In the second of a two-part tutorial explaining how jewellers can achieve good results taking photos using smartphone cameras, studio photographer Lex McColl discusses exposure and focus. Read more.



Six behaviours that will influence sales

Certain behaviours will influence consumers to make a purchase. Chris Morley lists ways that staff can increase sales in 2013. Read more.



Mixed reviews for Melbourne fair

As focus shifts to the 2013 JAA Australian Jewellery Fair Brisbane, Jeweller delivers a quick wrap-up of the Melbourne expo that took place in February. Read more.



Don't know why sales training fails?

Before conducting any type of training, retailers should consider their preferred outcomes to determine what type of training best suits the store's sales force. John Doerr reports. Read more.



Move from bland to brand

These days, practically every business you encounter says it is branding itself, but it's staggering how few of these businesses understand what that really means. Nick Fairburn reports. Read more.


Selling starts with a smile

The power of a welcoming smile, often underestimated by most salespeople, can go a long way towards helping to close a sale. Read more.


Social media leads the way

Social media is becoming a powerful business tool and, as Emily Mobbs discovers, generating sales leads from it may be easier than you think. Read more.



It’s time to adopt a mark of quality and consistency

The history of hallmarking in the UK dates back more than 700 years and in all that time its purpose hasn’t changed: to protect the public against fraud, and the trader (supplier) from unfair competition. Read more.


Avoid headaches from glass-filled rubies

Lead glass-filled rubies, currently available in large numbers in Australia, are causing serious issues for jewellers, suppliers and retailers alike. Read more.



Aquamarine: goddess of the sea

The word aquamarine is Latin for seawater. Aquamarine's association with the sea comes from the brilliant range of hues in which it appears - from an almost transparent blue to a deep ocean azure.
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