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April 2013 issue
April 2013 issue

April Jeweller now available

Our April issue has an extensive range of stories covering everything from the heated debate on natural versus man-made diamonds, to tips on selling more fashion watches.


We also explore the rise in stainless steel jewellery for female customers and we have an excellent story on customer loyalty and how to maintain and create it in your business.

There are also our regular columns offering valuable advice about better managing your jewellery business, especially during difficult trading times.

Subscribers and JAA members should have already received the April issue in the mail. Are you missing out?

Our Premium Members - magazine and online subscribers - can access all stories online now. Simply login to “unlock” all the current stories. Not only does Jeweller keep you updated on the most recent news, Premium Membership also allows you access to eight years of archived content including valuable business management articles.

For example, you may have missed last year’s special issue, “Tips to Treasure: A handbook of small tips for BIG returns” however you can still read the stories online. The special issue contained dozens of tips from international jewellery experts including great advice on:

  •     10 tips to move old stock 
  •     37 awesome sales tips
  •     10 reasons why jewellers lose customers
  •     34 ways to improve your marketing
  •     15 tips for better staff management
  •     How to work better with your suppliers

Want to read the "Tips to Treasure" issue or the February stories below?
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This month's issue





Lab-created diamonds are a challenge

Manufacturer Gemesis Diamond Company has added colourless diamonds to its range and launched an online sales portal. But industry concerns continue to surround the group's transparency and ownership structure. Read more.



Sell more fashion watches



To say there is a plethora of fashion watch styles on the market would be stating the obvious. Jeff Salton speaks with suppliers and retailers to find ways to maximise sales. Read more.



Stainless steels a woman's heart

Once pigeonholed as something only appealing to the male market, stainless steel jewellery is now pushing design barriers while rapidly gaining attention from female customers. Read more.



Customer loyalty not yet history

Is a loyal customer today the Holy Grail of retailing, highly sought after but unattainable? Read more.

Start talking value, not price

Retailers who attempt to discuss value when selling jewellery on price alone will soon realise that the only real benefit is a lower price. Read more.




Building business ethics

How can retailers instil in staff a culture of values that is unique to their particular companies, so that it becomes a part of that business' DNA? What does it take to build business ethics?  Read more. 



Make internet buying easy

The number one reason people shop on the internet is time, not price, says Tony Argyle, so the winners are stores who make it as easy as possible to purchase. Read more.



Marketers should make love not spam

Email campaigns are a cost-effective way to reach a large number of customers. But, as Emily Mobbs discovers, specific rules should be obeyed in order to make online friends not enemies. Read more. 



Don't underestimate the benefits of going back to school

Knowledge is power … but it also helps you sleep at night if you deal with gems on a regular basis. Read more.





Market myths and misconceptions

There are many myths and misconceptions in the gem and jewellery world. Some are found on the internet, some have bizarre origins in history and some, unfortunately, are believed even by people in the industry. Here are a few of the more common ones. Read more.



Diamond:queen of them all

Named after the Greek 'adamas' meaning hard and untameable, the diamond is the hardest of all natural materials. Read more.



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