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Swarovski Gem Visions 2014
Swarovski Gem Visions 2014

Swarovski shines spotlight on Aussie jeweller

Australian jewellery supplier Georgini has taken to the world stage, featuring in Swarovski Gems’ prestigious and internationally-revered book Gem Visions 2014, a forecast of jewellery and design trends.
The annual publication, which originated more than 10 years ago, provides jewellery design directions, themes and inspirations and is supplied to a global audience specifically targeting the fine jewellery market.

Swarovski Gems first approached Georgini to participate in Gem Visions at last year’s JAA International Jewellery Fair in Sydney.

Communications manager for the Austrian-based company, Doris Graf, told Jeweller that Georgini was selected because “it is one of our highly valued ingredient branding partners in Australia and has a very unique, fresh approach to high quality jewelry design”.  

According to Georgini managing director Gina Kougias, the process involved developing a jewellery design based on one of two special themes – Jogging Gems and Vienna Vibrations. 

Provided the design was accepted, it would then be manufactured by Swarovski and featured in the book. 

Georgini's piece featured in the Swarovski Gem Visions book
Georgini’s work features in the Vienna Vibrations section of the publication.

“The design process took about two weeks. We were not given much time but we managed to create four designs of which ‘Fur Elise’ was chosen,” she said, adding that the winning piece was named after a composition that Beethoven wrote for the love of his life.     

The design was a collaborative process between Georgini’s in-house designer Jenny Daskalakis, its sales and marketing manager Marissa Gouras and Kougias. Kougias was also flown to Swarovski Gems’ Thailand office to meet the team as well as the company’s designers from Austria. 

The piece is made of rhodium-plated silver, Swarovski zirconia and additional Swarovski-created stones. 

Fur Elise will be in Swarovski Gems’ possession for one year, where it will be showcased at major jewellery fairs including BaselWorld, JCK Las Vegas and the JAA International Jewellery Fair in September this year.

“I haven’t seen the finished piece yet. All I’ve received is a small digital image so it will be fantastic to finally see the design come to life,” Kougias said. 

“It’s very exciting and we’re honoured to have been chosen to take part in the first place.” 

Georgini is the second Australian company to be featured in a Gem Visions publication. Autore was included in the 2009 edition. 

The trends forecasting book is distributed throughout North and South America, Europe, CIS countries, the Middle East, India, South East Asia, China, Australia and Japan. 

* Jeweller will have a full report of Gem Visions 2014 in the coming weeks. 

Georgini's "Fur Elise" necklace

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