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All aboard the jewellery revolution

The jewellery industry is slowly but surely being changed by CAD/CAM technology and most people would say that’s a good thing.

While the debate about computer design and manufacture for small-scale production is not new, significant advancements in the technology in recent years has resulted in more jewellers accepting that CAD/CAM is a helpful addition to their toolbox.

With this in mind, Jeweller has published a comprehensive, 24-page CAD/CAM Supplement which investigates everything from how the technology can help jewellers with speed of delivery, improved margins and help them gain a competitive edge by catering to a new wave of tech savvy customers looking for bespoke design.

Our CAD/CAM Supplement also includes a number of Q&As sponsored by leading CAD/CAM equipment and service suppliers explaining how their digitised manufacturing can improve competitiveness and also offer jewellers a strategic point of difference.

part 1: The peaceful revolution

The CAD/CAM revolution is happening. It may be quiet and peaceful, but it is changing the industry and, as Coleby Nicholson discovered, the upheaval has only just begun. Read more.


part 2: Cad/Cam's movers and shakers

Rather than being seen as a threat to the trade, many jewellers have embraced CAD/CAM and are reaping the rewards. Coleby Nicholson spoke to those on the coalface. Read more.


part 3: CAD/CAM comes full circle

Amid the ever-changing uncertainty of the jewellery trade, one thing is certain: CAD/CAM is no longer the exception; it’s the rule. Chris Botha reports. Read more.






DOWNLOAD NOW: 24-page PDF CAD/CAM Supplement
A comprehensive analysis from all aspects of the industry.


cad/cam file playground

Here are four online platforms that enable jewellers and other CAD/CAM enthusiasts (some that could be your customers!) to download, upload and share design files.

• Shapeways
An open marketplace where CAD designers are able to share and sell their designs, from wedding rings to prototypes of engineering parts. Shapeways has adopted a social media format whereby other designers and users can leave feedback about ideas and design.

• GrabCAD

Designed initially for engineers to develop products faster, this archive has over 460,000 free CAD models to download and over 1.3 million engineers that form an open community to share design ideas, tutorials and challenges.

• Thingiverse

Thingiverse works on the philosophy that anyone anywhere should be able to experiment and share 3D modeling and CAD design. With a strong social integration, this could be considered the Facebook of the 3D modeling world. Users of all experience are welcome. 

• TurboSquid

A more professional community of designers – from game development to architecture –that upload and sell renders and models of their CAD. TurboSquid focuses on more professional designers from niche markets. _

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