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The two-day Gemvision masterclass will demonstrate advanced CAD techniques
The two-day Gemvision masterclass will demonstrate advanced CAD techniques

International experts to lead Aussie CAD masterclass

Two leading international CAD developers will be visiting Australia later this month in a bid to help local jewellers improve their CAD software techniques and competitive manufacturing edge.

US-based Matt Bennett and Adam Bewley will be presenting a masterclass for Gemvision’s Matrix 3D software in Sydney from Friday 29 August to Saturday 30 August. Both are developers for the CAD program, which was designed specifically for jewellery manufacturing. 

The two-day course – hosted by local Gemvision supplier Evolution Jewellers – will demonstrate advanced Matrix techniques to more than 50 Australian and New Zealand users of the technology.

Evolution Jewellers director Anthony Nowlan explained that attendees would be introduced to the new tools and techniques available in the upcoming Matrix V8, as well as more generalised practices aimed to improve the skills of designers at all levels.

Anthony Nowlan, Evolution Jewellers director
Anthony Nowlan, Evolution Jewellers director

“The course will feature valuable gem layout tools, rendering tricks, animation builders, T-Splines, and much more,” he added.

In addition to learning how to maximise the Matrix software, Nowlan said masterclass attendees would also benefit from the opportunity to meet other industry members: “We have Matrix users from all over Australia, New Zealand and as far away as Indonesia attending the event.

“The beauty of an event such as this is that not only do you get to expand your knowledge, but you also get to network with other like-minded jewellers.”

A similar course was conducted in 2011 to coincide with the JAA International Jewellery Fair in Sydney, which also featured two Gemvision developers, Kent West and Travis Serio. According to Nowlan, it was a “resounding success”.

“I’m confident that all who participated in the course left as better designers for having attended,” he said. “Many new tricks, tips and tools were featured, along with a ‘work in progress’ disc for the next version of Matrix. Our Australian and New Zealand clients [customers] who attended the class were amongst the first in the world to utilise the power of Matrix V7.”

Progression of CAD
Commenting on the acceptance among jewellers of CAD software, Nowlan said, “In 2011, we had roughly 195 clients who were utilising Matrix. To date we currently have 326 clients throughout Australia and New Zealand who are utilising Matrix.”

He explained when it was first introduced, many jewellers considered CAD to be a “bit of a fad – an interesting novelty that might appeal to only the ‘techno-geeks’”.

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Nowlan believed that it was a combination of rising precious metal prices and increased demand for more unique jewellery that drove jewellers to finally embrace the technology.

“In my opinion, CAD software has not only given rise to an increase of creativity amongst Australian and New Zealand jewellers but has also helped jewellers become more efficient with their time and precious metal wastage, as well as creating virtual inventories with photo realistic renders.”

Nowlan said there was still time to register for the masterclass, which will be held at the Australian Technology Park in Eveleigh, Sydney.

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