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Hottest jewellery trends for 2015

Swarovski Gems has revealed its highly anticipated jewellery trend forecast for 2015, where the concept of modernity seems to reign supreme.

Swarovski Gems’ annual Gem Visions report is back for the second time this year – the first publication was released in April and centered on bridal trends. The latest forecast introduces the hottest jewellery design directions, themes and inspirations for 2015.

Building on last year’s trends, the 2015 prediction has a strong vision of modernity. The company, along with a team of jewellery, gemstone and trend experts, has focused largely on the world, reportedly turning the attention to the core essence of the planet.

Raw materials, plants and animals fuel the inspiration for the forecast while collaborations and opposites are said to have merged to reflect the modern world. 

Gem Visions was established 11 years ago and is designed to provide an extensive source of inspiration for industry professionals and designers.

The Gem Vision’s team has outlined five trend directions expected to be popular in the upcoming year, which Jeweller has examined below.

New horizons

New Horizons has moved away from previous Gem Visions culture trend predictions and has stepped into a new design scene in Eastern Europe. Born from folkloric traditions and handicrafts, this design direction treasures rural life and pagan rituals.

The trend finds meaning in symbols and talismans, and uses native textures such as wood and leather. Crisply cut gemstones like citrine and rhodolite are combined with rough granite and matt metals.


Zero to infinity

Zero to Infinity seeks to find equality between science and art, philosophy and mysticism. This trend is a powerful and hypnotic exploration of mega-opposites and draws on unconventional combinations of materials. Think rough gemstones matched with mercury or grey diamonds with concrete.

The gemstones in the spotlight are icy moonstone, opal, sapphires, lapis lazuli and pearls. Partnered with aluminum finishes and metallic hues, Zero to Infinity embodies a fascination with both physical and metaphysical elements.



Worshipping beauty and the classical world, Hommage is a sophisticated insight into luxury. This trend is described as being ultra-sensual and centres on prestige and intellect.

Bronze is the metal of choice, which is complemented by red and pink gold to showcase unusual marbles and precious woods. For customers who prefer timeless pieces, a classic palette can be achieved through sapphires, emeralds and rubies along with geometric cuts.



Fantasy is the driving force in the trend Creatures. Science is fused with artificial, and flora and fauna are distorted to produce an exotic hybrid.

Swarovski Gems has shown its respect to the “green generation” of planet protectors and created a contemporary style that displays interest in scientific developments.

Inspired by biology and its fascinating multi-coloured spectrum, opals and mother of pearl feature heavily in this design direction. Vibrant gemstones such as peridot, citrine and topaz are crafted with alternative materials like rubber and ceramics to reflect nature.



Memories, feelings, individual expression and intimacy are the inspiration for Inti-mate. Here, attention lies in the close relationship between jewellery, the body and its senses.

Translucent layers and dense opaque surfaces are coupled with resin-like textures while sensual fabrics and gemstones such as amethyst, pink sapphire, champagne and yellow diamonds are part of the colour palette. The natural curves of the body influence the cut and shape of the gemstones.

Designs could include perfume-scented pendants, talismans and pieces housing hidden meanings and secrets.


In summary...

Swarovksi Gems has captured the changes occurring in the world and combined them to create innovative design inspirations. The Gem Visions report endeavors to reflect the lives we lead today, while also forecasting a dynamic, adventurous style for 2015.


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