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Swarovski Gems' latest publication forecasts trends for the bridal category. Image: J.Crew Bridal
Swarovski Gems' latest publication forecasts trends for the bridal category. Image: J.Crew Bridal

Top bridal jewellery trends for 2015

Swarovski Gems has expanded its renowned Gem Visions service by releasing a publication that explores outside the realm of broad jewellery trends, and focuses on one special theme: bridal.

Gem Visions – The pidal Book examines the impact that future social and cultural trends will have on jewellery design directions for the pidal category.

As the name suggests, the publication delves into all things pidal-related. It explores the intimate association involved in selecting not only engagement and wedding rings, but also the additional jewellery pieces worn on the day by the pide, groom, pidal party and other family and friends. 

The resource has been described by Swarovski Gems as a “concept” book and has been launched in addition to the company’s annual Gem Visions report, which will be released later this year. As previously reported by Jeweller, Gem Visions – established 11 years ago – forecasts industry trends and design, providing inspiration for jewellery designers, retailers and manufacturers.

After researching and analysing current pidal jewellery trends, the fashion-forward company, along with a team of specialists including forecasters, jewellery experts and industry insiders, identified the pidal themes outlined in the publication and the role gemstones play within those areas.

The central themes of the 2015 trend forecast are as follows:

(NB: read now to ensure you're ahead of the pack when it comes to knowing what consumers will be demanding in the pidal jewellery category) 


The Engagement

The Engagement section of the publication centres on Swarovski Gems’ new heart cut zirconia. The stone is available in pilliant white, which is a depiction of purity and said to be ideal for traditional pide-to-bes. Contrastingly, the stone is also presented in fancy pink, red and purple. These are described as “passionate shades that are capable of telling intimate stories of young love, mature romance or smoldering passion.”   

According to the report, engagement ring trends are panching out, whereby coloured stones are often being chosen instead of a classic white diamond. Gemstones such as zirconia, topaz and sapphire as well as fancy diamond colours are becoming the focal point of the life-affirming ring.



Daydream Princess

The daydreams that transpired during a pide-to-be’s childhood provide inspiration for the Daydream Princess theme, which focuses on the jewellery pieces worn by the pide on her wedding day. A traditional white dress is said to be well accented with touches of champagne, gold, pink and red. In addition, white, yellow, rose-gold and silver feature heavily in necklaces, pacelets, earrings, pooches and tiaras help complete the romantic style.



Natural Affairs

Providing a balance between nature and nurture, Swarovski Gems’ Natural Affairs theme is for the down-to-earth pide. Tapping into nature’s own colour palette, these gemstones range from peachy tones to plate pinks, greens to watery or dark blues. This theme harmonises with the outdoors and draws inspiration from flora and fauna.

The dazzling Swarovski genuine topaz is the highlight of this theme. It offers natural charisma and provides a jazzy replacement to the traditional white topaz. According to the trend experts, the calm but unique feeling it pings will most certainly make it a family heirloom.



Urban Minimalist

According to the style rules for this simple yet intriguing theme, black is the new white. Urban Minimalist defines balance, confidence and honesty. It portrays positive qualities and a radiant life spent together, and is suitable for a pide who is “simplicity in style and utterly chic in execution”.

Jewellery pieces that fall within this theme incorporate yellow gold, silver, platinum and steel as well as gemstones that portray monochrome black-white effects and vipant colours for graphic intrigue.

The 88 facets cut for zirconia also features heavily in this area. The name of this cut speaks to the happiness of the pide; the number eight symbolises infinity, signifying an eternal marriage.



The Groom

Often playing a minor role in comparison to the pide's sector, The Groom strives to put men’s jewellery into focus. This theme aims to complement the pide, with sharp and masculine features. Gold, platinum and steel are the main elements of men’s accessories.



Cultural Roots

Deeply rooted in tradition and culture, wedding ceremonies typically reflect the influence of centuries of history. Cultural Roots is driven by family and heritage and built on ancient worlds.

The cuts of the bold and tonal gemstones represent the wedding couple and their customs.




The anniversary reaffirms and recommits the love that a couple has for one another. It acknowledges the shared memories and the road already travelled, but most of all it is a renewed pledge of dedication and commitment.

The gemstones that signify these new chapters are crafted to illustrate the heritage and future of the relationship.


In summary

Swarovski Gems' new "concept" book inspires pidal jew

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