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Source: loveandlavender.com
Source: loveandlavender.com

Creative ideas for engagement ring photography

What better way to flaunt your love than with a beautiful, creative engagement ring photo that celebrates your relationship? Jeweller found some of the most imaginative photos to get you inspired.

Couples spend a lot of time (and money!) choosing the perfect ring to symbolise their love. However, too often the ring is overlooked in the chaos of the important event. To honour this representation of eternal love, couples and wedding photographers look for exciting and innovative ways to immortalise these stunning rings.

Whether you’re a couple that loves watching sport together, or one that loves to travel, there are countless unique ways to capture the symbol of your eternal promise. Placed amongst the hundreds of engagement party or wedding photos, the extra effort put into the ring photos is sure to be appreciated in the future.

Jeweller has collated some of the most outstanding and creative enagement ring photos that represent the uniqueness of the couple and celebrate their love.

Which kind of couple are you?


For the sport lovers...

Source: clairedianaphotography.blogspot.com.au


For the lazy weekenders...

Source: theknot.com

For the nature lovers...

Source: bespoke-bride.com


For the music lovers...

Source: theknot.com


For the party goers...

Source: modwedding.com


For the wordsmiths...

Source: modwedding.com


For the travellers...

Source: everlastinglovephotography.com


For the summer lovers...

Source: sakuraphotography.com


For the Spring lovers...

Source: stylemepretty.com


For the autumn lovers...

Source: iloveswmag.com


For the winter lovers...

Source: onewed.com

For the classics....


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