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Bering has added a new collection of customisable rings to its range
Bering has added a new collection of customisable rings to its range

Personalised jewellery has a new contender

Competition in the ever-expanding personalised jewellery sector looks set to increase with the release of an innovative ring collection that gives new meaning to the “interchangeable” concept.

Developed by Danish watch brand Bering, the Arctic Symphony range relies on a “twist-and-change” system, which allows the wearer to customise the look of their own ring.

The concept is based on a two-step process, whereby an interchangeable, decorative “inner” ring is screwed or rotated to join an “outer” ring to create a combination of textures, colours and materials that suits the wearer’s personal style.

Consumers are encouraged to collect and rotate inner rings – leveraging a similar collectible design aesthetic that has proved successful for other product offerings like charm and bead bracelets.

Nils Rasmussen, BYMR managing director
Nils Rasmussen, BYMR managing director

Nils Rasmussen, managing director for the collection’s local supplier BYMR, said the twist-and-change concept is an industry first and one that has already shown promise in both international and local markets.

“Judging by the reaction overseas, as well as the few select local retailers we have trialled in a soft launch, we are confident that this jewellery range, the Arctic Symphony collection, has hit on something quite special,” he explained.

Unique add-on range
“The success of Bering watches is based on a great brand story and fantastic quality specifications with affordable price points. To launch a jewellery concept, it had to be unique. It was never going to be just an add-on idea to the watch collection.”

While it could be perceived the local market was already flooded with jewellery lines encouraging customisation – charm and bead bracelets, charm bangles, interchangeable coins – Rasmussen believed the range offered the industry something unique that would resonate well with consumers for a number of reasons.

“First and foremost, the Arctic Symphony is a collection of rings manufactured from the same premium materials as the watch collection – stainless steel, hi-tech ceramics, woven mesh steel and Swarovski elements – and the contemporary point-of-sale displays reflect this.

“To be of benefit to anyone in this day and age a brand has to be special and resonate with and engage customers. The Arctic Symphony collection does just that with its myriad combinations that appeals to the customer’s imagination and has them leaving stores with a contemporary ring. It may even have them coming back.”

Rasmussen said plans were in place to release 14-carat and 18-carat yellow and white gold versions of the rings as well as a men’s collection in time for the wedding season in the second half of 2015.

He added that although there was an obvious link to the watch collection, the jewellery range was a stand-alone offering and would not be limited to retailers carrying the brand’s watches.

BYMR secured the local distribution rights for Bering watches in 2012. The brand is now stocked in more than 150 independent retailers across Australia and New Zealand.

The Arctic Symphony collection uses a “twist-and-change” system with an interchangeable inner ring
The Arctic Symphony collection uses a “twist-and-change” system with an interchangeable inner ring


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Sunday, 19 January, 2020 09:31pm
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