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The synthetic diamond facility will be used to develop type IIa colourless stones
The synthetic diamond facility will be used to develop type IIa colourless stones

World’s largest synthetic diamond facility unveiled

The synthetic diamond sector will seemingly continue to evolve with news that the “world’s largest” lab-created diamond facility and an accompanying research centre have opened in Singapore.

The 18,600-square metre “diamond greenhouse” was established by synthetic diamond manufacturing company IIa Technologies, and will be used to develop commercially viable, type IIa colourless stones.

In addition, the company also launched what it described as a “first-of-its-kind” diamond research centre in order to further the development of existing synthetic diamond growing technologies. These technologies will be used for the gemstone and jewellery sector as well as other industries such as manufacturing and aerospace.

“[The centre] will continue research on the microwave chemical vapour deposition method of growing diamonds so as to establish next-generation applications for grown diamonds that will have far-reaching implications in the semiconductor, healthcare and engineering sectors,” a IIa Technologies statement explained.

Singapore-based IIa Technologies was founded in 2005 and claims to be the “industry leader in grown diamond technology”. It is part of IIa Holdings Group, which also owns US-based lab-created diamond supplier Pure Grown Diamonds – formally known as Gemesis.

Pure Grown Diamonds is said to be the largest distributor of IIa Technologies’ synthetic diamonds, with CEO Lisa Bissell explaining, “IIa grown diamonds come at a time where consumers are looking for more options. In addition to being conflict-free, these diamonds come at a cost that is 30 per cent to 40 per cent less.”

In 2013, Jeweller reported on another synthetic diamond research centre located in the UK that, at the time, was said to be the largest of its kind. The Global Innovation Centre – operated by Element Six, a business that falls under the De Beers Group banner – was established for the research and development of lab-created diamonds for industrial purposes, as opposed to jewellery-related functions.


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