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Mondial is believed to be the first Australian jeweller to feature real same-sex couples in its marketing
Mondial is believed to be the first Australian jeweller to feature real same-sex couples in its marketing

Local jewellers start to focus on same-sex couples

In another example of the evolving bridal jewellery sector, an Australian retailer has joined the likes of Tiffany & Co by launching an advertising campaign featuring real-life same-sex couples.

The Mondial Jewellery Group’s All Love Is Equal campaign promotes the Eternal by Mondial range of wedding and commitment rings using imagery of two real-life Australian same-sex couples.

The print media advertising campaign began in men’s lifestyle magazine GQ and is scheduled to continue in the Harper’s Bazaar bridal magazine on Thursday 1 October.

Nadia Neuman, Mondial creative director
Nadia Neuman, Mondial creative director

Nadia Neuman, creative director of Mondial Jewellery Group, said she believed Mondial was the first Australian jeweller to feature genuine same-sex couples in mainstream advertising.

“All love is equal, so I see no reason why marriage is not an equal right offered in Australia,” she stated. “I am hoping the All Love is Equal campaign will strike a chord in the hearts of Australians and have them further recognise that a couple in love is not always made up of a man and woman.”

Neuman added the campaign had generated an “incredibly positive” response in the month since its launch.

“We have had countless clients, both new and existing, say that they wear their jewellery with so much more pride knowing that it came from a business with such integrity and conviction,” she said.

Mondial first showed support for same-sex rights in April last year with the release of the Australian Marriage Equality ring. Initially introduced as a limited edition item, the ring is now offered as an ongoing collection with a percentage of the proceeds donated to the national Australian Marriage Equality organisation.

Changing markets
The LGBTI community could present an opportunity for jewellery retail
The LGBTI community could present an opportunity for jewellery retail

Commenting on the changing wedding and engagement ring markets, Neuman noted that jewellery retailers could benefit from supporting the LGBTI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex) community. 

“The commercial benefits of marriage equality have been widely promoted and it is without a doubt going to add a whole new dimension to the Australian jewellery industry as we know it,” she stated. “The recent figures suggest legalising gay marriage could give the economy a $1 billion dollar boost. Even if a small portion of that was channelled to [jewellery] retailers, I would say it is a win-win all [the] way round.”

Mondial’s campaign follows in the footsteps of international jewellery company Tiffany & Co, which made media headlines earlier this year when it launched an advertising campaign featuring real same-sex couples.

The Will You? campaign included seven same-sex couples believed to be in real-life relationships. They were said to reflect the diversity of the brand’s engagement and wedding ring ranges.

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Tuesday, 10 December, 2019 05:40am
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