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CAD/CAM in 2016: Bermark Design



Describe your business?
Bermark Design started as a handmade jewellery design and model-making company in Bangkok in 1996. We began CAD/CAM in 2004 and over a few years transformed Bermark into an internationally-recognised CAD/CAM jewellery leader. 

Strengths and unique selling points?
Our CADcenter online database has more than 11,000 designs, with 100 new designs each month. All designs can be customised quickly and cost-effectively, and are available in STL format, which means users can print themselves or direct them as they wish. We have also established a cost-effective process to provide customers with high-quality renderings and animations of designs that can be displayed on their own websites. Our silver samples are an inexpensive way to allow your customers to touch and feel designs prior to purchase and be assured of quality.

Explain the animations?
Our animations string together 200 rendered images in a video to give a high-quality animation. Presenting products on your website using our package of 4 HD views plus animations in white, yellow and rose gold is the optimal way to showcase products.

What is the typical turnaround time? 
STL’s from our CADcenter usually have next day turnaround. Special orders, animations and renders are 2–5 days. Finished products are 1–2 weeks, and silver samples, models and moulds are 2–4 weeks.

What can affect this timing and how can customers help?
Clear order instructions are always the best starting point. Quick approvals by the client also help to improve delivery times.

Is the customer’s model secure, or can it be resold to, or be reused by, other clients?
It’s our customer’s choice. We offer a secure service if they choose.

Do you offer in-house completion of a product for non-bench jeweller CAD designers?
Yes, we do.

How is CAD/CAM likely to further evolve in your business?
We will continue  to improve our eCommerce website offer, MyShop Master. This year we added a pricing module and a wholesaler version.Our MyShop website allows customers to use the CADcenter database and insert their logo, banners, background and their own designs.

Bermark’s products and services are designed for the “jewellery store of the future”, which is lighter on product, and heavier on technology and systems to fabricate as required.



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