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When was this introduced to Australia?
3Design launched in Australia in 2004, with the 3Shaper sculpting module and Deepimage photorealistic rendering and animation module introduced in 2011 and 2012, respectively.

What advancements have been added in the past two years?
3Design V9 includes advancements in real-time rendering technology, making jewellery come to life within the workspace. The latest interface provides more efficient workflow and tools. Wizards for the easy creation of bypass rings, rope effects and honeycomb patterns emphasise 3Design’s dedication to jewellery.

What are the benefits to users?
All 3Design owners become members of the largest international community of jewellery artisans utilising CAD technology, which offers great learning opportunities.

Strengths and unique selling points?
Our goal is to provide jewellery professionals with modern solutions that allow them to create and market their own unique collections rather than selling jewellery from the shelf, a supplier catalogue or a pre-set library.

How is it cost effective?
3Design’s speed and efficiency saves on design time and labour costs, and its real-time visualisation and measurement functions allow users to avoid mistakes and minimise waste. Its parametric history also enables multiple collections to be easily created simultaneously, again saving on design time and stock overheads.

Is there a local training resource and local technical support?
In addition to self-training, we believe customised training is essential. Our trainer is a recognised expert in 3Design with more than 10 years’ experience in jewellery application.

Are there ongoing costs and fees?
New versions are released regularly. Upgrades and support are available after the first year on a subscription basis.

Is it capable of upgrades via plug-ins should the user’s needs change?
3Design is a complete solution –therefore there is no need for plug-ins. Regular version updates and upgrades ensure 3Design comprises the latest technology and features.

What bureaus support this program?
3Design creates an STL file compatible with all CAM/rapid prototyping machines and processes and has a wide range of alternative export file formats. 

Is there a demo version or trial period so users can test for themselves?
A one-month trial of 3Design is available, complete with training materials.



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