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Pearls get new guidelines
Pearls get new guidelines

Pearls get new guidelines

CIBJO, the world jewellery confederation, has updated its standards for the pearl industry – including rules affecting jewellery retailers and suppliers.
The new standards have been published in the Pearl Book; described by CIBJO as “a definitive set of standards for the grading, methodology and nomenclature standards” of pearls.

The book, released last week, includes information for retailers about product disclosure when selling pearls.

Customers must be informed at the point of sale if a pearl has been bleached, coated, cut, dyed, filled, heated, irradiated, oiled, waxed or worked. No declaration is required for pearls that have been drilled, polished, buffed, peeled or cleaned.

The book covers definitions of terms used to describe pearls, their origin and their treatments.

It also provides guidelines for imitation pearls, which must be labelled either “imitation” or “simulated”.

According to CIBJO, the book “is designed to assist all those involved in the purchase or sale of pearls, cultured pearls, composites and imitation pearls… to ensure that each pearl bought or sold is done so with clarity and honesty”.

The Pearl Book is part of CIBJO’s Blue Books series, which also includes guides for diamonds, coloured gemstones and precious metals.

The updated version follows a CIBJO meeting earlier this year, where further changes to the pearl industry were also flagged.

CIBJO’s Pearl Commission is reportedly working on a detailed coding system for different types of pearls and their treatments.

A complete copy of the CIBJO Pearl Book can be downloaded here.

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I spend half my time educating clients and having to inform them of gems and pearls that have been treated in some way when they thought they were natural. I hope some of the semi-professionals in the marketplace read and follow the guidelines!
posted by Annette Piper on May 24, 2010 20:17

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Tuesday, 23 July, 2019 05:06am
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