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Best of Vox Pop: Industry reflections

Retailers have long been spilling the beans on important industry topics. Here, Jeweller rounds up a collection of Vox Pop responses from the last few years.
What first attracted you to working in the jewellery industry?

“I fell into it through somebody I know but instantly fell in love with it. Making jewellery is fun for guys, because it is engineering on a small scale, but you also end up making something quite beautiful.”
Ian Brookes - Everett Brookes


“My love of sapphires was my first attraction to the jewellery industry, and when this business became available the timing was right for me to purchase.”
Kerry Hall - The Inverell Jewellers

Is customer loyalty a thing of the past?

“No, not by any means. Treating people with respect and honesty goes a long way. I think a lot of people still hold those as core values.”
Graham Manning - Graham the Jeweller


“Yes. Well, there are some who are still loyal but generally they’re going for the new and what’s overseas. Hopefully, they come back again.”
Susan Schemmel - House of Ruth

Does your store have any special traditions?

“We literally have a cup of concrete. If you take a sick day or have a grumble, a glass of hardened concrete appears in your area. It always lightens the mood.”
Chris Hood - Metal Urges Fine Jewellery


“I like all my staff to design their own collection. This allows them to really be a part of the store and to feel the rewards of selling something they’ve designed.”
Taryn Compagnoni - Tayha Designs

What’s the best industry-related advice you’ve been given?

“As a young jeweller I was told to never sell your tools because you don’t know when you might need them.”
Neil Ramsden - Ramsden Jewellers


“It’s actually advice that I have given to myself; don’t succumb to the mass manufactured jewellery that is out there.”
Carolyn Stevenson - Carella Jewellers

What do you love about working in the jewellery industry?

“Designing beautiful pieces for people and making them happy. It’s an artistic field, which I love.”
Penelope Ellen - Penelope Ellen Jewellery


“You get to see the fun side of people’s lives, like if someone’s proposing to their girlfriend or the birth of a child. Lots of happy moments.”
Anya Faizi Sobbi - Alexander Jeweller

How can suppliers better work with retailers?

“Even in a digital age, printed catalogues are paramount. If we don’t have an item in stock, we can at least show a print photo to the customer to close the sale.”
Alan Healey - Wynnum Fine Jewellers


“Have someone available on Saturday and Sunday to give quotes and follow up on orders.”
Sam Duff - Duffs Jewellers

Are staff allowed to wear the store’s jewellery while working?

“They are always welcome to. Often the quality and style reflects their personal tastes, but sometimes we gift pieces to staff to promote a new collection or brand as well.”
David Kemp - Centre Jewellers


“We do from time to time, as it allows our customers to see the jewellery when worn by someone else rather than just under lights and glass.”
Tarun Raniga - Golden Showcase Jewellers


“No. We find that some people won’t purchase jewellery if they think someone else has tried it on. We do encourage staff to wear good jewellery though by offering store discounts.”
Stephen Dibb - Stephen Dibb Jewellery

What’s the strangest design request you’ve received?

“I was asked to make a palladium engagement ring of two angry-looking dragons facing each other with a star sapphire between their mouths. They looked amazing.”
Paul Carruthers - Paul Carruthers Manufacturing Jewellers


“A customer requested for a ring to be made from a mould of a real McDonalds french fry, as they were a big potato fan.”
Krista Bradley - Windfall Jewellery


“A 9-carat gold, cat shaped urn pendant for a cat’s ashes. It had a screw off top where the customer could put the ashes in.”
Louise Shaw - Louise Shaw Jewellery

What will the industry look like in 10 years?

“Mass produced jewellery will continue to be made cheaper – not better. This provides opportunities for jewellers to make jewellery that will last – or repair it when it goes wrong!”’
David Frith - David Frith Jewellery


“Jewellers will be putting together computer generated components, rather than hand making, from the beginning to end. Jewellers will suffer, unable to charge for their time on a job.”
Kristin De-Coi - Kristin Bree Designs

Who was your best customer?

“My best customer came into the store in 2004. He came in abruptly, all 6 foot, 5 inches of him and said: ‘If you talk straight with me and give me a good deal I’ll come to you for every occasion.’ I sold him a gold bracelet that day and I’ve seen him at least once a month for the past 13 years. He kept his word and was loyal. Can’t put a price on that.”
Noah Gattea - Gattea Jewellers

“We did a silver bracelets calendar in 2013 and gave an expat visitor from Singapore a copy. She emailed to say she kept it by her bed and looked at it when she couldn’t sleep – they were all pretty elaborate and significant pieces. She eventually bought one of each of the bangles from the calendar (and quite a lot more) and continues to be a wonderful customer.”
John Miller - John Miller Design


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Tuesday, 18 June, 2019 12:59pm
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