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Rapid Casting's 3D printing service
Rapid Casting's 3D printing service

Rapid Casting

Rapid Casting prints and delivers designs overnight. 

3D Printing Service: Rapid Casting operates a suite of high precision multi-jet modelling (MJM) 3D printers and the largest installation of Project printers in Australia.

Using Project CPX 3D printers, Rapid Casting prints in wax resin, super-strong plastics, rubber mould, silicone mould and injected waxes faster than before.

Each 3D design is generated real-time and can be printed, cast and dispatched the same day or overnight.

Rapid Casting specialises in jewellery CAD design, 3D printing and casting, with complete services from turning raw designs into finished product. 

More Information: Rapid Casting’s full range

Unit 2
19-21 Bourke Road
NSW, Australia, 2015
Phone: 02 9557 9468

Rapid Casting

Sunday, 20 October, 2019 11:10pm
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Rapid Casting
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