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Josh Zarb joins Expertise Events

Former general manager of Leading Edge Group Jewellers (LEGJ), Josh Zarb, has joined Expertise Events. He assumed the position on 14 January, having left LEGJ in December last year.

Gary Fitz-Roy, managing director Expertise Events, believes Zarb’s experience will be a valuable addition to the business that runs trade and consumer events across Australasia.

“I am pleased to announce the appointment of Joshua as general manager. Josh has had a long association with Expertise previously as general manager of the fashion and lifestyle of division at the Leading Edge Group.

“He has been responsible for the group’s growth and success, organised their education and group conferences along with a number of unique activities and brings a wealth of knowledge from a retail perspective and management delivery,” Fitz-Roy said.

Zarb spent more than 12 years at LEGJ and was instrumental in the growth of the buying group.

Joshua Zarb, Expertise Events
Joshua Zarb, Expertise Events

“During the time I managed the jewellery buying group it grew the group from 82 stores to 214 stores as it stood before I finished up. The biggest catalyst for growth was our exhibition at the International Jewellery Fair where we took the opportunity to show everything that we offered and gather leads in a complete Open Door approach, which at the time differed from our competitors,” Zarb said.

“I am a passionate believer in the experience offered at conferences, trade shows and events  - hence my exuberance when the notion of working at Expertise became reality.”

While at LEGJ, Zarb was responsible for hosting and running jewellery conferences and trade shows, book and music industry conferences, and presented various retail and management training at more than 20 additional industry conferences.

Zarb told Jeweller that he “left Leading Edge at the end of December with nothing but love and fond memories  - with many relationships formed that will last a lifetime.  The business will always remain dear to me and I know it will continue thrive.”

Fitz-Roy explained that Zarb’s position will assume the day-to-day running of the business, allowing him to focus on other key aspects of the business.

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Tuesday, 17 September, 2019 06:43pm
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