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Judges have named the top performers across 10 categories of the 2019 Jewellery Design Awards.
Judges have named the top performers across 10 categories of the 2019 Jewellery Design Awards.

Finalists announced for Jewellery Design Awards

With the 2019 International Jewellery & Watch Fair (IJWF) just over three weeks away, this year’s Jewellery Design Awards finalists have been named.

Judging across the 10 categories was undertaken after entries closed on 21 July. This year’s panel – Brett Low, Lester Brand and David Ole – judged the pieces ‘blind’, without knowing the names of the entrants, to ensure fairness.

The 1st & 2nd Year Apprentice/Student and 3rd & 4th Year Apprentice/Student categories had three finalists, as did the Opal Award. All other categories had five finalists. 

Joshua Zarb, Expertise Events
Joshua Zarb, Expertise Events
“The entire team here have been blown away by the calibre of entries for this year’s Jewellery Design Awards”
Joshua Zarb, general manager, Expertise Events

Joshua Zarb, general manager Expertise Events, told Jeweller, “The entire team here have been blown away by the calibre of entries for this year’s Jewellery Design Awards. I am glad we are not the ones judging, as there are so many beautiful pieces to decide on! The Awards are just another way to further unite the industry and bring us all together at this year’s Show.”

The most recognised jeweller is Mindika Haddagoda, who has been named a finalist in four categories for his pieces ‘Aphrodite’, ‘Venus’, ‘Tulips’ and ‘Rococo’. Matthew Ely was nominated in three categories for ‘Principessa’, ‘Ballare’ and ‘Chinese Fan South Sea Pearl Ring’.

Meanwhile, Matt Sime’s ‘The Cathedral of Vassily the Blessed’, Jason Ree’s ‘Unititled’, Sophia Peacock’s ‘Rainbow Serpent Cuff Bangle’ and Ben Tracy’s ‘Diamond Fantasie’ are the most recognised pieces, being named finalists across multiple categories.

The finalists

1st & 2nd Year Apprentice/Student – Sponsored by Brinks

Belinda Lubkoll – ‘Bauhaus Inspired’
Bradley Pike – ‘Griffin’
Evanthea Pengelly – ‘Shieldmaiden’

3rd & 4th Year Apprentice/Student – Sponsored by Brinks

Eileen Leahy – ‘Transformation of a Moth’
Milly Bell – ‘Fluid’
Sameer Aneez – ‘The Autumn Vines’

Australian Opal Award – Sponsored by Opals Australia

Cindy Zu – ‘Icy Conversation’
Jason Ree – ‘Untitled’
Jeanette Brossard – ‘Boulder Opal and Silver Bracelet’

Bridal Award – Sponsored by Reine Jewels

Ben Tracy – ‘Diamond Fantasie’
Gregorie Vende – ‘Encaptured’
Matthew Ely – ‘Principessa’
Matthew Johnson – ‘Harmony’
Mindika Haddagoda – ‘Aphrodite’

CAD/CAM/Cast Award – Sponsored by Chemgold

Amrith Dharmawardane – ‘Moments in Time’
Cassandra Nitschke – ‘Emerald Gilder’
Matt Sime – ‘The Cathedral of Vassily the Blessed’
Mindika Haddagoda – ‘Venus’
Robert Sawtell – ‘Templum’

Coloured Gemstone Award – Sponsored by Mark McAskill Jewellery

Ben Tracy – ‘Vert-Eagle’
Daniel Cap – ‘Celina’
Michael Muratore – ‘Stella Del Mare (Star of the Sea)’
Mindika Haddagoda – ‘Tulips’
Yuna Kim – ‘Gradus’

Diamond Award – Sponsored by SAMS Group Australia

Ben Tracy – ‘Diamond Fantasie’
Gerald McCabe – ‘Wildflower Diamond Ring’
Greg Holland – ‘Diamond “Moon” Cocktail’
Matthew Ely – ‘Ballare’
Soukata Basu Malhotra – ‘Amoresque’

Men’s Accessories & Jewellery – Sponsored by Adina

Jake Coughlan – ‘The Beast’
Jason Ree – ‘Untitled’
Peta Heys – ‘Men’s Elements Ring & Cuff Set’
Peter Keep – ‘Ocean Wave’
Sofia Peacock – ‘Rainbow Serpent Cuff Bangle’

Pearl Award – Sponsored by Ikecho

Georgina Staley – ‘Ostralis’
Ian Douglas – ‘Tane’
Matthew Ely – ‘Chinese Fan South Sea Pearl Ring’
Mindika Haddagoda – ‘Rococo’
Steve Rice – ‘Billy ‘T’ the Bee’

Precious Metal Award – Sponsored by Pallion

Kristie Vermande – ‘Lumière’
Matt Sime – ‘The Cathedral of Vasily the Blessed’
Paul Amey – ‘Pink Mist’
Sofia Peacock – ‘Rainbow Serpent Cuff Bangle’
Sonja Scharmann – ‘The Hidden Treasures’

To reduce any outside influence, no images of the finalist pieces will be released to the public until the September issue of Jeweller is published ahead of the trade show.

Finalist pieces will be on display at the Fair itself, which will be held at the ICC Exhibition Centre, Sydney, from 24–26 August.

Winners will be announced at a canapé reception on the show floor at 4.30pm on Sunday 25 August.


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