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Build the perfect professional posse
Build the perfect professional posse

Profit from a business posse

Strong leaders know they need a supportive, capable team around them if they are going to hit all of their goals. Selecting that team is a skill in itself. AMYK HUTCHENS reports.

Successful people get to where they are because they surround themselves with a highly-capable posse, both personally and professionally. Okay, so occasionally a leader might get there by stepping on others, but amazing leaders usually rise to great heights because they choose their trusted advisors carefully, listen to their advice and take decisive action.

The right posse is made up of not one, but several bright, creative minds who might not otherwise be connected if not for their link to the leader in the centre.

Put these people together and look out!

Building a posse requires discipline and strategy. Here are four questions that can help retail leaders build the perfect professional and personal posse.

Are they cool under pressure?

Do they blow up when something goes slightly askew? Do they hold grudges or harbour resentment towards co-workers or customers?

The ideal posse member keeps a cool head and can balance long-term strategy with short-term gain. They also reflect, evaluate and predict before blurting out rash comments that might be insensitive or judgmental.

Happy, well-adjusted folk are better brain-stormers and problem-solvers. When the stress is high, posse members should be the first to say, “You can so handle this but if you can’t, we’re here to help.”

Do they have the skills?
"Good leaders let go of their own egos and let others shine. They identify any business or life skill they need to improve and recruit experts in those areas to their posse."

Good leaders let go of their own egos and let others shine. They identify any business or life skill they need to improve and recruit experts in those areas to their posse. Leaders then help these new recruits to channel their talents into a focused, constructive mindset that helps everyone – but especially the leader – to meet and exceed their biggest goals.

Whether crushing the competition, finding a best friend, surviving your kids’ teen years or expanding your business, there is always someone whose perspective and ideas can spark you to play bigger, better and bolder.

Can they get stuff done?

Too many bar-sitting bloviators claim to have solved all the world’s crises and invented all the coolest stuff first. Two of their favourite mentally-truncated mantras are, “If I was in charge, I’d nuke the whole lot of them,” and “I thought of that first; he’s just lucky because he knows somebody.”

Instead of sitting around wishing your dreams were coming true, start making them happen. Once the strategic brain-storming and critical thinking has been done, the goals have been clearly articulated, and the action steps charted, a professional posse member will step up and accept full responsibility for meeting and exceeding any objectives assigned to them. Any action is acceptable if it leads to completion of an action item.

Will they call you out?

Your posse should be your biggest, most ardent fans. They should cheer loudly at your achievements, hand you a tissue when needed, provide words of encouragement and still give you one heck of a kick when needed.

Come on, you know there are times when you’ve been too whiny, too tyrannical or too nonsensical. You’re human, which is why your posse should grab you by the collar and get you to refocus.

Don't forget to thank them

It is much more fun to go through life with friends and colleagues who believe in you and believe that helping you is a rewarding and enriching opportunity for them… so thank them!

Show your gratitude with actions like writing a note, giving an HR-appropriate hug, bestowing a gift or even taking your posse out for fine food and wine – or the highest quality teas, if that’s your thing. How you express your gratitude is less important than making sure you express it.

Most brilliant leaders at one time or another have done really stupid things. Certainly, everyone can benefit from having a strong team around them who can step in and remind us that we’re about to make a mistake or help us steady the ship if we’ve already made that mistake. Just remember that building a posse also goes both ways.

When was the last time you helped a colleague, friend or family member cross something off their list? If you can’t think of at least a few actions you’ve taken in the last month to help another achieve one of their dreams, I suggest you get off your cute derriere, dust off that cape and take some action.

Amyk Hutchens

Contributor • AmyK International

AmyK Hutchens is the CEO of AmyK International an executive development, training and consulting company. Visit:

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