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10 Years Ago in Jeweller: May 2009

A snapshot of the industry events that made news headlines in the May 2009 issue of Jeweller.
Enhanced gemstones alert

The story: A spate of treated and enhanced gemstones, thought to have originated in Afghanistan, has recently appeared on the local market, sparking concerns for consumer confidence.

Customers possessing the loose and unset gemstones have approached several jewellers for valuation and appraisal, according to the JAA.

The clients claimed they’d obtained the gemstones – among them star sapphires, rubies and diamonds – from overseas and are interested in reselling, rather than manufacturing them into jewellery items. 

JAA asks for input on terminology debate

The story: The JAA has called on its members to help nominate the correct descriptive term for a synthetic or laboratory-grown gemstone.

A memo and survey was issued to members, asking whether retailers should use terms like ‘synthetic’, ‘laboratory-grown’, ‘laboratory-created’ or ‘man-made’. The survey also asked whether members and consumers understood what synthetic meant. The JAA said the naming debate had raged for 20 years.

“The ‘purists’ are only prepared to accept the word ‘synthetic’,” read the release. “The more commercially minded wish to use the words laboratory-created, laboratory-grown or just created.”

The issue was raised at the 2008 CIBJO conference and will be discussed at the next one in May 2009, with the JAA speaking on behalf of the Australian jewellery industry. 

Skagen watches celebrates 20 years

The story: Designer watch company Skagen recently celebrated its 20th birthday, releasing a limited-edition Anniversary Collection for the occasion.

The brand is now distributed in 60 countries, offering more than 250 watch designs in more than 5,000 retailers worldwide.

Charlotte Jorst, co-founder Skagen, said, “Given the challenging economy we are in, it’s an extra special time to be honouring how our small business venture began from just a simple idea to what is now a global design company with continued opportunity for growth.”

The Australian distributor of Skagen, Jarass, planned a special event to mark the milestone at the International Jewellery Fair in Sydney.


Nationwide visits Pandora HQ

The story: Over 120 members of the Nationwide Jewellers group recently visited the Pandora headquarters at Mona Vale in Sydney for the inaugural “Day at Pandora”.

Nationwide’s in-house travel agency co-ordinated the arrangements, with members coming from all parts of Australia and New Zealand.

The members, all Pandora stockists, were split into groups and allocated a Pandora staff member as a guide for the day.

Activities included a tour of each department, a marketing presentation, training with the Pandora International Sales Coach and viewing the new product range.

“Our members really enjoyed the whole experience,” Colin Pocklington, managing director Nationwide Jewellers, said. “They had no idea of the huge size of the Pandora operation, and just as importantly, the plans that Pandora has in place in terms of products and marketing, to maintain strong growth.” Pocklington said the success of the day meant it could become an annual event.






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