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Turning likes and shares into sales can be a challenge
Turning likes and shares into sales can be a challenge

Attracting customers with social media

Crafting creative, regular posts isn’t enough when it comes to social-media marketing. DAVID COEN advises how to use content to convert fans into customers and generate worthwhile leads for your business.

Lead generation is probably the most challenging part of marketing. Yes, most of us can start a creative campaign, produce high-quality content and write articles that will shake the ground. Unfortunately, the effort doesn’t always translate to leads.

There are plenty of reasons why one post can go viral while others only get minimal attention but, to be honest, conversion is all that matters –we cannot justify our marketing expenses without results!

Here are some tips to help your posts get plenty of traction and become more likely to generate interest and sales:

Focus on interactivity – In order for a person to click in the first place, it is necessary to either create a great image or a video. You have to be aware of your strengths and shortcomings and play to them. If you’re unable to produce a high-quality video, it is much better to post a nice image with a caption that will lead people to written content on your site.

No matter what, you have to be aware of the fact that time is limited and you need to capture and keep your audience’s attention within the first few seconds. Visuals are important for distinguishing yourself and making sure that a potential client checks you out instead of all other posts on their news feed.

Make sure you got the right audience – When it comes to marketing, we are slaves to numbers; we tend to over-analyse the performance of posts based on numerical values instead of figuring out whether these numbers hold any merit.

One of the worst things that can happen to you is ‘empty traffic’. Your post might have gotten a lot of clicks, or perhaps you’re managing a Facebook group with lots of members; however, it seems that your posts are never converting and you’re unable to make money out of them. This is likely due to your perception of the public.

Sharing a post relentlessly will do you no favours if readers are not interested in what you’re posting. Some messages will never succeed if presented to certain demographics, so it’s best to figure out  who your ideal customers are and start pitching to them.

"There are plenty of reasons why one post can go viral while others only get minimal attention, but conversion is all that matters – we cannot justify our marketing expenses without results"

Don‘t be overly promotional – Due to excessive promotional content on the web and especially social media, people have grown tired of everything ‘sales-y’. This might be a big problem for your company if you’re sticking to traditional marketing strategies.

Instead of selling your product directly, try to make content that shows off the great features of your product or service instead of hard selling. Create content that will show product in an awesome light without ever mentioning the possibility of a purchase. 

If people are interested in it, they will find it anyway.

Stick to one theme – Brand loyalty is the main reason why certain products are purchased again and again but it takes a while for brands to establish themselves.

Even if visitors to your page haven’t made any purchases from you, it is very important to exude trust and confidence as these might be the reasons customers give your product a chance.

Probably the best way of building this trust and the brand itself is by employing a theme. Make sure all your posts are similar and follow this underlying theme. Even if a person doesn’t interact with it upon first viewing, related posts will eventually garner clicks through curiosity. After that, it is much easier to sell.

Insert call-to-action – If you do decide to go with a straight message, add calls-to-action. When it comes to Internet marketing and online shopping, a lot of people still don’t know how to buy certain products. This is due to the fact that people, and especially older generations, are still adapting to the concept.

As such, they have to be guided sometimes. Even if you don’t have to guide your potential clients, pointing them towards certain pages always reduces the trouble. That alone is the reason why people might prefer one ad over another.

Closing thoughts

You don’t have to be told that you need to be creative in order to attract prospects; however, in doing so, there are a few things that can go wrong with your posts. These often occur because of negligence or being too hasty.

No matter what, make sure to create a good long-term plan that will allow you to get the right results – one of the worst things that can happen to you is if you start posting like crazy to no avail.

Always remember that sales don’t come easily online even though social media can help you more easily promote products and services. Like everything else, online conversions take hard work and preparation. Hopefully with these tips, you will be able to do just that!

David Coen

David Coen is digital marketing associate at Design Wizard in Ireland. His focus is social media and blogging. Learn more:

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