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FREE eBook - 2021 State of Reviews: Australia Edition

Download FREE eBook: Reviews have never been so important or influential. In the wake of COVID-19, the information they provide and customer experience they paint are closely and regularly analysed by consumers. Learn how you can outrank your competition.

In our digital marketplace, reviews are the first link to connecting with your business and the first deciding factor in moving to a competitor.

To stay relevant, you need to rethink how your business collects and responds to reviews.

In this guide, Podium explores in dept how to understand your reviews and what they means to your business.

Explore in depth:
  • Australian consumers are reading more reviews more consistently than ever before.

  • Reviews heavily influence Australian consumer decision-making.

  • Australian consumers are looking for review quality, quantity, and responses along with high ratings.

  • Local businesses need to make leaving reviews convenient and frictionless.

  • Local businesses need to be proactive about improving their online reputations.

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