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Non-traditional engagement rings for alternative brides

Diamonds aren't every girl’s best friend – so it’s just as well there’s an endless array of unconventional engagement rings for the bride-to-be looking for something different.

While a traditional setting with a classic white diamond is a beautiful custom, many contemporary brides are searching for a unique edge to their engagement ring.

Finding the perfect piece that complements individual taste and personality can be a tricky feat and saying yes to the right ring is a huge decision. Worn for the rest of their lives, it’s only natural brides take some time to make their selection!

While the first recorded diamond engagement ring was given in the 15th Century, the tradition did not become mainstream until the 1930s with De Beers’ iconic campaign, ‘A diamond is forever’, which advised men to spend three months’ salary on the ring.

A lot has changed since then. Changing budgets and priorities and increased input from brides-to-be on their dream ring, as well as a wealth of inspiration courtesy of social media, have led to a vast array of new choices in alternative styles, gemstones, and metals.

Celebrities such as Scarlett Johansson, Emma Stone, Mary-Kate Olsen and Olivia Wilde are among the stars that have parted with traditional styles.

Below, Jeweller has compiled a selection of some of the incredible options to suit those fiancées on the hunt for a ring that’s unlike any other.


The vintage-STYLE ring

Perfect for old-school romantics, vintage-inspired and genuine vintage and antique rings pay tribute to a bygone era. Whether it’s an Art Deco masterpiece, delicate Edwardian antique, or a family heirloom, these rings are elegant, unique, and stand the test of time.

Celebrity Inspiration: Zoë Kravitz's antique Georgian ring (bottom left), Olivia Wilde's vintage 1920s ring, Mary-Kate Olsen's vintage 1953 Cartier ring (bottom right)

ParadeGabriel & Co.Antique Edwardian ring, 1stDibs
Antique Georgian ring, The One I Love NYCBrilliant Earth Vintage 1953 Cartier ring, Sotheby's


The unique gemstone

Gemstones other than diamonds set one’s engagement ring apart from the crowd. Coloured gemstones are eye-catching and bold, with popular choices including ruby, sapphire, emerald, tourmaline, and morganite. Meanwhile, the delicate opal and pearl have also grown in favour in recent years.

Celebrity Inspiration: Emma Stone's Kataoka pearl ring (bottom left), Katy Perry's ruby ring, Halle Berry's Robert Mazio emerald ring

Opals Down UnderBlue NileCaratRing
KataokaLinneysTaylor & Hart


The diamond with a twist

With innovative designs and a host of colours, these diamond rings are anything but traditional. Pretty pink, joyful yellow, chic champagne and bold black are just some of the fancy colour diamonds that shine in engagement ring designs.

Celebrity Inspiration: Scarlett Johansson's Taffin champagne diamond ring (bottom left), Anna Kournikova's Argyle pink diamond ring (bottom right), Poppy Delevingne's blue diamond ring


GraffHarry WinstonAnna Sheffield
TaffinStelios JewellersArgyle pink diamond ring


The minimalist ring

We’ve all heard the term ‘less is more’ and for the modest bride-to-be, a minimalist ring could be a perfect match. Simple and subtle, these designs will never go out of style and are ideal for everyday wear, as well as stacking with a wedding band and eternity ring. 

Celebrity Inspiration: Mandy Moore's Irene Neuwirth ring, Samira Wiley's kite-set ring, Lily Collins' Irene Neuwirth ring


Melanie CaseyValeria MadisonKat & Kim
NOÖI Jewelry CatbirdArtemer



The bohemian ring

For the free-spirited bride, the bohemian style ring is a beautiful fit. These engagement rings incorporate nature-inspired design elements such as flowing shapes and leaves, with earthy rough gemstones, salt-and-pepper diamonds, opals, cast-in-place settings, and brushed or hammered metals often included.

Celebrity Inspiration: Anna Paquin's moonstone ring, FKA Twigs' antique-inspired ring, Camila Alves McConaughey's rose-cut diamond ring

Anna SheffieldSusan HighsmithPolly Wales
Abby Sparks JewelleryPoetry of LuxeFKA Twigs' engagement ring


The quirky ring

Perhaps the hardest to buy for, the ‘off-beat’ bride is sure to have a unique style. One-of-a-kind rings featuring lesser-known settings, unusual diamond shapes – such as heart, shield, or hexagon – and colourful gemstones are an irresistible option.

Celebrity Inspiration: Lady Gaga's heart-shaped Lorraine Schwartz diamond ring, Ashley Simpson's Neil Lane marquise ruby and diamond ring (bottom left), Stacey 'Fergie' Ferguson's H.Stern starburst ring (bottom right)


Eva FehrenArtemerCalleija
Neil LaneRebecca OvermannH.Stern



The Toi-Et-Moi Setting

While not a new setting, the Toi-Et-Moi ('you and me') ring is less mainstream than the classic solitaire, halo, or trilogy. The Toi-Et-Moi represents the union of different yet complementary souls and features contrasting gemstones – either through the shape, type, or colour – set in an eye-catching asymmetrical design.

Celebrity Inspiration: Ariana Grande's Jack Solow diamond and pearl ring, Emily Ratajkowski's pear and square diamond ring, Solange Knowles' emerald-cut and elongated diamond ring

Jemma WynneArmante DesignAngara
Victor BarboneJoseph JewelleryLark & Berry



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Posted by Jeweller Magazine on Tuesday, 7 April 2015


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