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Mila Kunis steps out in rubies for Gemfields event, Kate Middleton’s jewellery decoded, Opal jewellery makes resurgence in 2015

Actor Mila Kunis has been seen sporting ruby jewellery whilst attending an exclusive Gemfields event in London. As a global ambassador for Gemfields, Kunis spoke of her experience working with the gemstone mining company in helping to design a ‘motherhood’ emerald ring following the birth of her daughter.

From heirloom brooches to diamond tiaras, the Duchess of Cambridge’s jewellery style exudes luxury and elegance. Now Kate Middleton's best jewellery moments have been decoded for the everyday woman.

It looks like opal jewellery is making a resurgence. Here, designers discuss the inspirations behind their latest pieces incorporating the gemstone that seemingly exhibits every colour of the rainbow.

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Sometimes there are pieces of jewellery that just doesn't fit under any category. These peculiar pieces make an impact!...

Posted by Jeweller Magazine on Wednesday, 8 October 2014


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