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Directory - Showcase Australia (JIMACO)

Suite 4, Level 1
550 Princes Highway
NSW Australia 2232

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Australian buying group Showcase Jewellers is eyeing a productive year ahead after completing its annual general meeting and hosting a members conference.
Following a year of unprecedented upheaval, Jeweller revisited the four jewellery industry buying groups profiled in our March report to explore how they have adapted and supported members throughout COVID-19.
Over the past 125 years, Swarovski has always lived by the values of their founder Daniel Swarovski, and this includes offering a customer experience equal to the brilliance of their stones.
Remarkably beautiful and naturally captivating, Dreamtime Australian Diamonds originate from the world-renowned Argyle Diamond Mine, located in a remote corner of northwest Australia.
PASSION8 Diamonds are precision cut in a way that creates exactly eight perfect hearts and perfect arrows.
The Showcase Jewellers group was established in Australia in 1981, and over a 30 year period has become one of the largest groups of independent jewellery retailers in Australasia. Showcase Jewellers is the only member owned buying group and as such returns 100% of its profits back to its members. This affiliation with Australasia's premier jeweller buying and marketing group entitles members to access and utilize world class resources and programmes such as:

• The Showcase Jewellers Staff Induction Training Programme
• The Showcase Jewellers Management Training Programme
• The Showcase Jewellers public website
• The Showcase Jewellers Marketing Toolbox

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