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Left: Emerald | Right: Goshenite

Colour investigation: Beryl (Part 1)

What do emerald, aquamarine, heliodor and morganite have in common? They are all from the group of gemstones called beryl and are coloured by trace impurities. KATHRYN WYATT reports. Read more »
Image courtesy: The French Jewel Box

Art nouveau jewellery: exploring the legacy

Art Nouveau dominated jewellery design for only two or three decades up to World War 1 yet left a memorable legacy not only in the pieces that remain but also in the design and manufacture techniques it inspired. KATHRYN WYATT reports. Read more »
Image courtesy: The French Jewel Box

Feature Stories
Art nouveau jewellery: investigating origins

Art Nouveau is evident today in pieces that date back more than a century and also in ephemera from the ‘hippy’ days of the 1960s. In Part 1 of this look at Art Nouveau, KATHRYN WYATT investigates the origins of this defining movement. Read more »

The flourish of art deco

Art Deco remains a popular style not just for engagement rings but also for other jewellery items. KATHRYN WYATT expands on her previous column by delving deeper into the Art Deco movement. Read more »

The decadence of art deco

Through the ages, gemmology and jewellery have both been heavily impacted by global societal trends. KATHRYN WYATT looks back at the defining Art Deco movement. Read more »
Kathryn Wyatt

Soapbox & Opinions
Terminology and spin

To ensure the public knows exactly what they're getting, the GAA's KATHRYN WYATT advocates getting it right and being consistent when it comes to nomenclature. Read more »


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Monday, 10 December, 2018 01:44pm
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