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Innovation Vs Disruption: Spectators don’t win games

There are plenty of questions and theories concerning De Beers’ decision to enter the synthetic diamond market. Some believe synthetics are simply a logical extension of its existing business while others view it as monopolistic behaviour aimed at controlling the industry. Read more »

Would you propose with a synthetic diamond?

Can anyone really predict the future of synthetic diamonds? COLEBY NICHOLSON asks: Do lab-created diamonds carry the same romantic notions of a natural diamond, or are they shrouded in stigma? Read more »

Editor's Desk
Common sense for common purpose, please!

Another International Jewellery Fair (IJF) has come and gone and the ‘buzz’ on the first day caught many by surprise; the atmosphere among the retailers and exhibitors was certainly upbeat. Read more »

Lili Diamonds paves way for patented fancy cuts

While patented diamond cuts are not new, one supplier has created a niche specialising in fancy cuts and patented stones. COLEBY NICHOLSON visited Lili Diamonds in Israel to discover why. Read more »

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Chance for breath of fresh air in 2019

The industry politics of the past few years has certainly quietened down. In fact, there’s far less controversy in general, particularly surrounding the JAA; however, this doesn’t mean dissatisfaction has subsided. Read more »

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Slow decline of Baselworld: what a shame!

It’s a real shame to see the decline of Baselworld. Its status as the world’s number one watch and jewellery fair has been in decline for many years, but the news that Swatch Group had quit the show sent shockwaves throughout the industry, most notably in Switzerland. Read more »

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For Pandora, arrogance is a two-edged sword

There’s an old adage: “Be nice to people on your way up because you’ll meet them on your way down”.  Read more »

What is the future of the Jewellers Association?

It's been relatively quiet over the past six months when it comes to industry politics. However, COLEBY NICHOLSON says that while the noise has subsided, the dissatisfaction hasn’t. Read more »

Pandora: The beginning of the end

Pandora Australia recently announced its latest round of account closures as it seeks to reduce its retail distribution.  Read more »

Feature Stories
2018 Hot Topic: Has same-sex marriage changed trends in wedding jewellery?

In late 2017, same-sex marriage was officially legalised in Australia. COLEBY NICHOLSON looks at whether this historic legislation has expanded wedding sales. Read more »

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Beware of being caught up in jewellery marketing jargon

Regular readers will be aware that I am not a fan of buzzwords. You know the type of thing – terms such as thought leader, empower, sea change, drill down, engagement and journey, just to name a few. And it’s even worse when it’s politically correct marketing jargon. Read more »

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There's nothing easy about e-commerce

While most people are stuck with the notion that their store should, or must, have full e-commerce capabilities, COLEBY NICHOLSON has something to say. Read more »


Sunday, 16 December, 2018 07:10am
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