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Charlotte Lynggaard

Feature Stories
The Danes are on the march

What is it about Danish design? This small country produces some amazing products. COLEBY NICHOLSON looks at another Danish jewellery range. Read more »
Christina Aguilera for Stephen Webster

Feature Stories
The campaign trial

From the memorable to the downright silly, jewellery marketing has led the world in creativity. GRETEL HUNNERUP investigates the weirdest and most wonderful campaigns. Read more »
Resurgence of the brooch

Feature Stories
The brooch is back

Once left to gather dust in grandma’s jewellery box, brooches are springing their way back into fashion. GRETEL HUNNERUP reports. Read more »
Images courtesy Platinum Guild International.

Feature Stories
Star of the show

Throughout time, jewellery has played a starring role in many films, assisting not only in story lines, but also generating a whirlwind of enthusiasm for the industry. HAYLEY MORCOM reports on the films that made jewellery the star. Read more »
Morellato from Lindsay's

Feature Stories
More men are embracing jewellery

Australian men are thumbing their noses at tradition and embracing jewellery that is both non-essential and handsomely-designed. GRETEL HUNNERUP reports. Read more »
House of Harlow

Feature Stories
Mass appeal

Fashion designers and celebrities are entering the world of accessories. CARLA CARUSO investigates the consumer's appetite for non-traditional players entering the market. Read more »


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