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The Viking treasure was discovered by metal detector enthusiast Derek McLennan

Viking jewellery bounty found on church grounds

A metal detector enthusiast has unearthed what is said to be one of the largest Viking gold and silver treasure discoveries in modern times. Read more »
In a "landmark" ruling, internet service providers can now be ordered to block counterfeit websites

‘Landmark’ ruling blocks fake jewellery websites

International luxury group Richemont has won a court order that will require internet service providers to block access to websites that sell counterfeit jewellery and watches. Read more »
The first quarter echoed the flat trading conditions of Michael Hill's 2013-14 full year results

Flat start to the year for Michael Hill jewellery

Michael Hill International has reported flat first quarter sales for the current fiscal year as it continues to trial its new jewellery brand’s retail model. Read more »
Handwriting and drawings can now be laser engraved into jewellery pieces

Uberkate ups the ante in personalised jewellery

Uberkate is said to have taken personalised jewellery to the next level with the launch of a new service that allows for an exact replica of a handwritten message to be engraved onto a piece of jewellery. Read more »
The store would reportedly be used as a small-scale warehouse, allowing customers to return, exchange and pick up online orders

Amazon rumoured to trial brick-and-mortar store

News that Amazon may soon open a brick-and-mortar store is a seemingly clear sign that physical in-store experiences remain key to successful retailing. Read more »
A large quantity of gold has been recovered from the wreck, including jewellery

Jewellery recovered from ‘Ship of Gold’

An excavation of an old shipwreck has yielded a bounty of treasure, including jewellery, gold coins and gold bars. Read more »
The new forum aims to address challenges facing the gemstone and jewellery sectors

New jewellery ‘think tank’ tackles industry problems

A number of international gemstone and jewellery industry leaders have joined forces as a “think tank” in order to examine and address the broad challenges facing these sectors. Read more »
An armed robbery at Medina Jewellery resulted in a loss of at least $250,000 in goods

Terrifying, armed attack on jewellery store

A brazen armed robbery involving the theft of at least one quarter of a million dollars in gold jewellery has left the owners of a family-run business shaken. Read more »

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