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Nationwide is offering six-month interest-free financing to members to spend at the trade days

Busy times expected for jewellery trade days

In preparation for next week’s Jewellery Trade Days, Nationwide Jewellers has announced it will be offering members $20,000 in “trade day tokens”. Read more »
Jyothi Forman was required to create an 18-carat gold piece of jewellery over three days

Jewellery apprentice to take on world stage

A NSW-based jewellery apprentice has taken the top prize at a national skills competition, and is now hoping to represent Australia in an international contest held in Brazil. Read more »
A bracelet from the Wearing Memories 2015 collection

Aussie jeweller debuts at London Fashion Week

A local jewellery designer has taken to the world stage, launching her latest collection at London Fashion Week. Read more »
The hoard of ancient jewellery included gold armlets and two silver bracelets

Ancient Roman jewellery found in city centre

A collection of gold and silver jewellery believed to date back to Roman times has been discovered beneath a department store. Read more »
Protea Diamonds' amethyst and diamond ring

New Products
Protea Diamonds

Protea Diamonds stuns with amethyst. Read more »

Sydney jewellery fair sets records

After two days of trading, the overall consensus regarding the Sydney jewellery fair has been one of positivity with a number of exhibitors stating they have experienced “record” sales. Read more »
Tiffany & Co's sales is on the rise again

Tiffany & Co sales on the rise again

Tiffany & Co has increased its full-year forecast following a strong six months of trading, said to be supported by continued high demand for its jewellery in Australia and Greater China.  Read more »

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Thursday, 18 July, 2019 11:22am
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