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Designers from all over the world derive inspiration from the rainbow of colours seen in Australian opal

Australian Gemstones
Aussie gemstones: Opal

It is said that opal is the luckiest gemstone of all because it contains the colour of every other gemstone. According to MEGAN AUSTIN, this really does make Australia the lucky country for it provides more than 95 per cent of the world’s opal. Read more »
International media has referred to the Virgin Rainbow as "the world's finest opal"

Rare Aussie opal makes international headlines

An Australian opal that is said to be extremely rare has attracted overseas media attention in the lead-up to its first public appearance. Read more »
Geologists are questioning whether Australian opal qualifies as a Global Heritage Stone Resource

Aussie opal considered for world stage

Australian opal is currently at the centre of a debate as to whether it should receive international recognition as a heritage stone. Read more »
Opal suppliers have indicated that demand for the gemstone is on the rise

Aussie opal demand soars in past year

After years of difficult trading, the Australian opal industry looks set for a resurgence with a number of local suppliers recording strong sales over the past 12 months. Read more »
Unset boulder opal mined and cut by Flood Gems

Opal market improves locally and internationally

Local and international demand for Australian opal is on the rise, according to the organiser of an upcoming opal exhibition. Read more »
Jewellers are advised to avoid prolonged heat and ultrasonic processes when mending and making opal jewellery

Australian Gemstones
Opal rumour, myth and mystery

Will the Australian opal industry ever outgrow its association with poor quality, mass-produced triplet jewellery? And what about those rumours that opal is bad luck? Megan Austin goes digging. Read more »
Research conducted by fair organisers showed increasing demand for loose opals and gemstones

Gemstones and opals given boost at fair

Gemstones and opals will be given a “major boost” at this year’s Sydney jewellery fair, fuelled by two new dedicated product pavilions – one for each category.   Read more »

Madsen Opals

Age of Dinosaurs, 2013 winning piece

‘Dinosaur’ necklace wins opal jewellery award

A dinosaur-inspired necklace has won the major design award at a recent Queensland opal event. Read more »
Scientists believe that Mars may have weathering conditions conducive to opal formation

Are there gold and opal on Mars?

Most jewellers are aware that about 95 per cent of the world’s opals are produced (mined) in Australia’s Red Centre. But scientists now believe they might also exist on the Red Planet – Mars. Read more »
Andrew Cody is director of The National Opal Collection and Cody Opal (Australia) Pty Ltd

Soapbox & Opinions
Opal gets a bad rap at home but definitely not overseas

It’s unfair that opal has a bad name in Australia. It can be attributed to poorly made jewellery, paper thin doublets that would easily chip, and tacky souvenirs created for the tourist market, harking back to the 80s. Read more »
2007 Winner of the Queensland Boulder Opal Awards

Opal jewellery awards calls for entries

The Queensland Boulder Opal Association has announced that registrations are now open for its annual jewellery design awards.  Read more »
A selection of opals from The National Opal Collection

World first for Australian opal

In a coup for Australia, its national gemstone, opal, has been named the “feature” gemstone for the first-ever government supported mineral, fossil and gem show in China. Read more »
An 'exceptional gem opal'

Opal grading system aims to restore confidence

Brisbane-based gem company Opal Horizon has launched a comprehensive quantifiable opal grading system as the first step in a global marketing effort to restore confidence in the gemstone. Read more »
The inaugural Cody Australian Opal Centre Photographic Prize will boost the image of opal, Australia's national gemstone,

Photo competition to boost image of opals

Australia’s national gemstone is being celebrated in the inaugural Cody Australian Opal Centre Photographic Prize, a nationwide photography competition designed to promote opal and opal fields. Read more »

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