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Magnolia Jewellery

Magnolia silver hits Australia

A new sterling silver retailer has landed on Australian shores. Read more »
Magnolia Jewellery

Feature Stories
How to increase sterling silver sales

BIANCA MANGION went in search of better ways for merchandising silver jewellery. She spoke to leading silver jewellery suppliers about their secrets to success. Read more »
Thomas Sabo by Duraflex

Feature Stories
Clever and creative inspirations for silver jewellery

Clever, creative silver jewellery designers draw on their own experiences and perceptions to create designs with a little personality. BIANCA MANION spoke to a few designers about their inspiration. Read more »
Thomas Sabo

Feature Stories
Jewellery trends go cheap and chic

A new trend has emerged among fashionistas. Big spending is out, and cheaper jewellery is in. As BIANCA MANGION reports, sterling silver makes the perfect partner. Read more »
Coleby Nicholson

Editor's Desk
Ban jewellery valuations!

How can a new diamond ring be purchased today for, say, $1,200 be valued tomorrow for $4,000? Valuations for new jewellery are nonsense, argues Coleby Nicholson. Read more »


Thursday, 17 January, 2019 01:13pm
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