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Police’s Mamba watch

New Products

Police strikes in succession. Read more »
Sekonda’s classic watch and Duraflex Nato strap

New Products

Sekonda is feeling colourful. Read more »
The "excellent performance" of Bulgari was said to have contributed to LVMH's global revenue increase

Watches and jewellery standouts for LVMH

French luxury conglomerate LVMH has kicked off 2016 with a sales hike in its watch and jewellery division as well as an increase in overall global revenue. Read more »
Research comparing Swiss watch and smartwatch export statistics may not be as straightforward as media headlines suggest

Smartwatches outsell Swiss, but by which yardstick?

Recent research suggests the popularity of smartwatches is overtaking traditional Swiss watches but MARTIN FOSTER says this superficial conclusion is downright misleading. Read more »
One of the timepieces from the Guess Watches Majestic offering

New Products
Guess Watches

Guess Watches keeps it iconic. Read more »

Feature Stories
Hottest fashion watch trends for 2016

While a conservative approach to design seems to dominate the current fashion watch scene, a bevvy of other trends are also on offer. Here, local watch suppliers provide insight on what’s hot. Read more »

Feature Stories
Secret staying power of fashion watches

Fashion watches are helping consumers make powerful lifestyle statements in a market where subtle is in and brash statements are out. ANGELA TUFVESSON reports. Read more »
Apple has made the 18-carat gold Apple Watch Edition model "almost invisible" on its website

Death knell for gold Apple Watch?

Apple appears to be deliberately diverting attention away from its 18-carat gold smartwatch, which may come as a relief for those who feared the high-end model would steal market share from the traditional watch sector. Read more »


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