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Cool Black TW821

New Products
TW Steel

Come to the dark side with this bold black design. Read more »
Kevin Rollenhagen, member of Swatch's Extended Management Board

ACCC watches Swatch court case

A court case involving watchmaker, Swatch, could have explosive ramifications on the jewellery industry. Now adjourned until next year, the ACCC could also investigate allegations of price fixing.  Read more »
Mark Watson, former general manager, Swatch Australia

Ex-boss accuses Swatch of price fixing

In what could become an explosive court case, the former general manager of Swatch Australia has accused his old company of price fixing and is now suing the Swatch Group in the County Court for loss and damages.  Read more »

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Sunday, 24 March, 2019 03:58pm
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Peter W Beck
Ania Haie
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