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The JAA and the ACCC are working together to clear up potentially misleading online advertising

Online jewellery retailers in ACCC sights

The spotlight is now being put on the pricing practices of internet jewellery traders in the wake of the ACCC’s successful case against Zamel’s.
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The Ice-Forever turquoise watch

New Products

The Ice-Forever range continues to keep up with trends. Read more »
The study found that luxury purchases are shifting from “having” to “being”

‘Experience’ the key to luxury jewellery sales

A new report into luxury spending has found that consumers are increasingly seeking experiences rather than possessions; indicating the importance for retailers, including those in the jewellery industry, to assess their service offering. Read more »
This Samsung Smartwatch render has been making rounds since 2009. Now that smartwatches are a reality, questions arise about whether they threaten the traditional watch industry

Swatch confident against smartwatch wave

Smartwatches and wearable technology is an opportunity for traditional watchmakers, not a threat, according to Swatch. Read more »

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