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Show organiser MCH Group expects more than 100,000 people to attend the event

BaselWorld organisers remain positive

With BaselWorld well underway, organisers are optimistic about the year ahead for the industry, despite a steady decrease in Swiss watch exports during 2013.  Read more »

Google watch a game changer?

With much of the tech world focused on rumours about an Apple iWatch, Google might have just announced the ultimate game changer, though not for the reasons that most people think. Read more »
The Google Android Wear technology can be used to develop smartwatches

Google confirms entry into watch market

Google has confirmed its entry into the watch market with the first preview of a new smartwatch and its wearable technology while Fossil Group will be one of the first developers. Read more »
The piece turned out to be a genuine Peter Carl Fabergé egg

$36 million Fabergé egg found at flea market

A man planning to melt a gold ornament purchased at a flea market was shocked to discover it was actually a Fabergé egg valued at $36 million. Read more »
The collection is inspired by BMW Motorsport

New Ice-Watch collection races into Australasia

Following success in Europe, the distribution of Ice-Watch’s collection of BMW Motorsport-inspired timepieces has now been expanded to include Australia and New Zealand.  Read more »
Bulova's range of Harley Davidson watches has been launched in Australia

New Harley Davidson watches drive into Australia

Time Essentials has announced the exclusive distribution of a new range of Harley Davidson-branded watches targeted at motorcycle enthusiasts. Read more »
Story Jewellery's timepieces

New Products
Story Jewellery

Story Jewellery unveils its sparkling timepieces. Read more »
Could Apple's rumoured iWatch be Swiss-made? Image courtesy: Martin Hajek

Apple iWatch rumoured to be Swiss-made

If media and industry speculation is accurate, Apple has been investigating the possibility of launching its rumoured iWatch as “Swiss-made” as a way to leverage Switzerland’s renowned watchmaking expertise. Read more »
The study found there was growing consumer interest in wearable technology

Consumer interest grows for smartwatches, smart jewellery

As more smartwatches and “smart” jewellery items enter the market, a new study has provided insight into the likelihood of wearable technology becoming a viable category within the industry. Read more »

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Wednesday, 26 June, 2019 12:35pm
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