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Sunken timepiece still ticking

Little Gems
Sunken timepiece still ticking

From the weird to the wonderful, bulletin board is filled with snippets about jewellery from around the world. Read more »
Trust is important in a workplace

Winning their trust

The establishment of trust is not only important between managers and customers, but also between managers and staff. EVE ASH reports. Subscription required. Read more »
Ole Lynggaard

Style that sizzles: spring/summer 08-09

For a sparkling season ahead, savvy retailers should be aware of all the style ingredients of the most mouth-watering summer sizzlers. BIANCA MANGION reports on what's fashion fine in 08-09. Read more »
Retailers have started realising the advantages of silver

Pros and cons for silver today

As beautiful as the cool white metal is, silver makes great economic sense, too - despite its price hikes. CARLA CARUSO reports. Read more »
Breuning from Osjag

Silver lining

On the back of soaring gold and platinum prices, silver is enjoying surging demand as an affordable white metal. CARLA CARUSO reports. Read more »
Amy Smith

From figment to fashion

Designers must overcome many obstacles if they are to have their ideas entrenched as trends. TALI BOROWSKI reports. Read more »
Bulgari VIP room

Feature Stories
Red carpet retail

Retailers are offering customers star treatment in an effort to stand-out in a highly-competitive retail market. CARLA CARUSO reports. Read more »
The pear cut

Pleasing proportions: the pear cut

Up until 1985, the biggest diamond in the world was the pear-shaped Cullinan I (Greater Star of Africa). GARRY HOLLOWAY, KATHRYN WYATT and KATERINE KOVACS, GAA report on the legendary pear cut. Read more »
Mireille Pizzo

Soapbox & Opinions
Time for changes

Some major changes over the past few years are contributing to an overall decline in industry profitability, according to Mireille Pizzo. Read more »

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showing 1 - 9 of 9 results   

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