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Jeweller's Hits & Misses 2016

After another hectic year and, as jewellery retailers are hoping for a busy Christmas and New Year trading season, COLEBY NICHOLSON reviews 2016 with his annual list of the industry’s highs and lows. Read more »
The Ring of Fire was presented in New York and also featured in Rapaport Magazine

Aussie pearl supplier gains international exposure

Australian supplier Nash Pearls has taken to the world stage, having been selected to participate in a jewellery event in New York and subsequently featured in Rapaport Magazine. Read more »
Do tensions amongst Kimberley Process members compromise the scheme's viability?

Soapbox & Opinions
The Kimberley Process: On the Rocks?

As Australia prepares to become Kimberley Process (KP) chair in 2017, NATHAN MUNN asks whether a boycott of the current KP chair has raised concerns about the long-term viability of the certification scheme. Read more »
The Rising Star Arena will provide up-and-coming jewellers with the chance to sell their pieces to retailers

JAA Tradeshow to support emerging jewellers

The 2017 JAA Jewellery Tradeshow will feature the Rising Star Arena, an initiative developed to assist in the promotion of emerging Australian manufacturing jewellers. Read more »
The increase in global sales follows a period of consecutive declines. Image courtesy: <a href="" target="_blank">Facebook/Tiffany & Co</a>

Modest sales turnaround for Tiffany & Co

While Tiffany & Co’s latest financial report indicated declining sales in Australia, modest improvements were recorded both globally and for the Asia-Pacific region. Read more »
The Pandora Gift Bar aimed to make Christmas shopping easy for consumers and included various features such as 'personalised' wrapping

Pandora Australia debuts new Christmas concept

Pandora Australia has launched a ‘pop-up’ store for Christmas, which marks a first for the company and could provide inspiration for other jewellery retailers looking to boost sales during the festive period. Read more »
The service addresses industry concerns regarding melee parcels containing undisclosed synthetic and treated diamonds

GIA releases melee screening service to trade

Following a five-month trial, the GIA has introduced its Melee Analysis Service in an attempt to address concerns about undisclosed synthetic and treated diamonds. Read more »

Monthly Overview
Do you want more jewellery sales in 2017?

Christmas trading takes priority for jewellers at this time of year but why not also view the period as an opportunity to plan for increased profitability in 2017?  Read more »

Logged On
Tips for improving SEO rankings

Much like the manufacturing of jewellery, a successful SEO campaign takes time to build. CHRIS ASHTON says there are no shortcuts and retailers wishing to improve rankings need to start now. Read more »

Feature Stories
Reflecting on five years of Jeweller’s Hits & Misses

Jeweller’s annual Hits & Misses has reached the five-year mark, making it an ideal time to look back on the industry’s most unforgettable highs and lows. Read more »

Tips on Selling
Don’t neglect the obvious! It’s impacting sales

The science of selling isn’t particularly deep and often the answer to improving sales is easier to find than jewellers might think. BOB PHIBBS sheds light on some obvious but often neglected areas. Subscription required. Read more »

Feature Stories
Tips for selling more jewellery in 2017

Christmas trading takes priority at this time of year but don’t forget it’s also an opportunity to prepare for 2017. EMILY MOBBS outlines handy hints for getting ahead in the New Year. Read more »


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