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Pink Kimberley's Australian pink diamond rings

New Products
Pink Kimberley

Pink Kimberley shares rare and precious diamonds. Read more »
The zircon was found in Jack Hills, Western Australia. Image courtesy of John Valley

World’s oldest gemstone discovered in Australia

Scientists have confirmed that a tiny zircon gemstone discovered on a remote rock outcrop in Australia is the oldest known material of any kind formed on Earth. Read more »
Police are “covering all possibilities” to recover the stolen Argyle diamond

Stolen Argyle diamond still missing

Contrary to previous suspicions, a rare pink diamond stolen from a Cairns jewellery store was not swallowed by the alleged thief, and is yet to be found. Read more »
The JAA will now find a replacement for its current CEO Ian Hadassin

Jewellers association looks for new CEO

The Jewellers Association of Australia has announced that it will be looking for a new Chief Executive Officer after it revealed that Ian Hadassin would be leaving in June. Read more »
Pearl Perfection's soft leather bracelet

New Products
Pearl Perfection

Pearl Perfection offers a soft leather bracelet.  Read more »
Opals Australia's light opal pendant

New Products
Opals Australia

Opals Australia unveils its light opal pendants. Read more »
Kaiserman's diamond earrings

New Products

Kaiserman presents a glamorous range. Read more »
Chemgold's JewelMount Halo collection

New Products

Chemgold shines bright with its Halo collection. Read more »
Bolton Gems' Allura collection

New Products
Bolton Gems

Bolton Gems launches a brilliant dress ring. Read more »
Aztec Gold & Silver's sterling silver bangles

New Products
Aztec Gold & Silver

Aztec Gold & Silver flaunts its latest bangles. Read more »
The JAA and the ACCC are working together to clear up potentially misleading online advertising

Online jewellery retailers in ACCC sights

The spotlight is now being put on the pricing practices of internet jewellery traders in the wake of the ACCC’s successful case against Zamel’s.
Read more »
The report noted that jewellers who anticipate and capitalise on industry trends will find success

Report predicts ‘glittering future’ for jewellery

Continued growth of global brands with opportunities in fine jewellery are the key predictions for the jewellery industry, according to an international report.  Read more »


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