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Jeweller in strife over steamy ad

Little Gems
Jeweller in strife over steamy ad

From the weird to the wonderful, bulletin board is filled with snippets about jewellery from around the world. Read more »
The Hong Kong launch of Thomas Sabo's 2008 collection

Feature Stories
Take me higher

The next shining star on the charm horizon may well be Thomas Sabo - a slightly different take on the personalised jewellery phenomenon. A recent Hong Kong launch of its 2008 collection has sparked renewed enthusiasm for the brand in its Australian supplier, who now wants see it blast into the stratosphere. COLEBY NICHOLSON attended. Read more »
Hong Kong Fair 2009

Feature Stories
Jewellery a la mode

Should the jewellery industry be a follower of fashion? In today's trend-savvy world, is jewellery increasingly becoming a fashion accessory? STUART BRAUN reports. Read more »
Sparkle Impex

Feature Stories
A mother of a day

Fire up those cash registers - it's time to make some serious Mother's Day sales. GRETEL HUNNERUP finds out how. Read more »

Hip to be square: the princess cut

The princess cut was designed as a square version of the round brilliant cut. Combining superior sparkle with maximum weight retention, this cut truly does reign supreme.
Read more »


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