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Proprietary step cuts

Proprietary step cuts

Step cuts have always had their admirers – those who prefer the clean, cool appearance of a square or rectangular stone. GARRY HOLLOWAY reports. Read more »

Tips on Selling
When did you last seduce a customer?

The best promotions are the ones that grab attention, and sometimes it's right to be a little bit sexy and a little bit shocking. RICK SEGEL reports. Subscription required. Read more »
Cotton & Co

Passion for fashion

Once shunned, now worshiped, fashion jewellery has made its mark - forever changing the market. BIANCA MANGION gets the goss on what's making trends this season. Read more »
Georgini Collections

Get it right

BIANCA MANGION chats to suppliers and gathers some tips for selling fashion jewellery. Subscription required. Read more »
Dora from RJ Scanlan

Bridal & Engagement Trends
Perfect Union

Fancy-cut engagement rings for the brides and diamond-set wedding bands for the grooms are just some of the looks being favoured in bridal jewellery, but will the economic downturn see a paring back? CARLA CARUSO reports. Read more »
Moi Moi

Bridal & Engagement Trends
Bucking tradition

Commitment jewellery has had a facelift, and now singles and unmarried partners are also announcing their status with bling. CARLA CARUSO reports. Read more »
Anthony Bates

Soapbox & Opinions
Our labs make the grade

Retailers are often encouraged to source product from local manufacturers, but supporting the trade doesn't stop there. As ANTHONY BATES argues, the industry should support Australian grading labs, too. Read more »

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showing 1 - 7 of 7 results   

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