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Swarovski's Wings of Poetry exemplifies the nature trend

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Jewellery retail's must-stock trends

Look no further for new stock inspiration – this year’s jewellery trends have something for everyone. Lorna Goodyer reports. Read more »
Coleby Nicholson

Editor's Desk
Shaken by the shift

There’s a lot of talk about brands these days. Everywhere you turn someone is discussing their new brand or existing brand and most of the time they are referring to the products a company sells. Coleby Nicholson has previously written about branding, with a particular focus on what is and is not a brand. This time, he discusses retail branding and the future of suppliers' branding initiatives. Read more »

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Saturday, 23 March, 2019 03:17am
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Dansk Smykkekunst
Vital Diamonds International
Peter W Beck
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