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Creating visual delight with Pinterest

Said to generate more sales than any other social media site, Pinterest is a platform that holds plenty of potential for jewellers. India Nicholson highlights the essential functions that every retailer should know. Read more »
if wages are too high it would be wise to analyse the sales data to determine the busiest days and what times of the day most transactions occur

The secrets to improving cashflow

Making the changes to bring about a more positive cashflow is, according to Bryan Young, the best start to the new year that an owner can give any business. Subscription required. Read more »
Uninterested staff can leave a lasting impression. Don't make the same mistake as Tiffany.

Learn from the best... and worst

It’s implied that famous stores are successful because they do everything right; however, after a recent trip to Tiffany & Co, Tony and Leanne Argyle found that even iconic brands can treat their customers with disdain. Subscription required. Read more »
Aim for a full bucket, not a leaking one.

Remember to Control expenses

The beginning of a new calendar year is always an appropriate time to review costs. David Brown discusses the importance of financial knowledge and how businesses can cut expenses easily. Subscription required. Read more »
Exercise respect when asking for data.

Four minutes could be all it takes

Social media has become a powerful sales tool for retailers, but Mark Cameron says collecting customer data needs to be done with respect because consumers are increasingly concerned about the level of data asked for. Subscription required. Read more »
Long-tail keywords generate less traffic but still result in a greater number of qualified leads.

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Be found online for the right reasons

Have you heard of long-tail keywords? Emily Mobbs explores why they will improve the quality of your online search results in order to attract the right customer for the right reasons. Read more »

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