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Frederique Constant's new "Index Healey" Limited Edition timepieces

New Products
Frederique Constant

These men’s timepieces are new limited edition models from Frederique Constant’s “Index Healey” Limited Edition collection. Read more »
Olga Karolina's cognac amber and sterling silver pendant

New Products
Olga Karolina

Hailing from the provinces of Eastern Europe, this amber piece of jewellery is the latest from Olga Karolina. Read more »
SJ Jewels' peacock-inspired necklace

New Products
SJ Jewels

The iridescent blue-green hues of a peacock’s feathers inspired SJ Jewels’ latest collection. Read more »
Sydney Gold River's dragonfly pendant

New Products
Sydney Gold River

This dragonfly pendant is one of the latest additions to Sydney Gold River’s Samoro pendants collection. Read more »
Passion8 four-claw diamond ring

New Products

A diamond ring, earrings and pendant set from Passion8’s jewellery collection. Read more »
Jenique's sapphire-centred earrings, part of a trio

New Products

Jenique’s latest matching jeweller set includes this striking azure sapphire and diamond pair of earrings. Read more »
Turquoise ring, part of a five-piece set

New Products

Panarea, a volcanic island north of Sicily, is the muse behind Nomination’s new jewellery collection. Read more »
Peter W Beck's latest wedding ring

New Products
Peter W Beck

This diamond set wedding ring is the latest offering from manufacturing jeweller Peter W Beck. Read more »
Roman Empire replica coin pendant

New Products
Stones & Silver

This coin pendant from Stones & Silver evokes the grandeur of the bygone Roman Empire. Read more »
Thomas Sabo's new Charm Up Your Diamond range

New Products
Thomas Sabo

Thomas Sabo’s latest Charm Club Collection will be its first to include diamond-set charms. Read more »
Ellani Collections' new floral sterling silver ring

New Products
Ellani Collections

This three-tone flower ring embodies the vibrant colours and floral theme of Ellani’s 2010 spring collection. Read more »
Lara Hall's new sterling silver flower cuff

New Products
Lara Hall

Keeping in line with the organic motifs of its spring collection “Flowers”, Lara Hall has released this seasonal cuff. Read more »


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