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Michael Neuman

Soapbox & Opinions
Where is the love?

To call fine jewellery a ‘product’ is to undermine everything your creation stands for, argues Michael Neuman. Say no to the commodification of your art form. Read more »

Feature Stories
Urban metals gain stronghold

'Urban' metals have become firmly established in Australian jewellery stores. Carla Caruso asks why the increasing popularity. Read more »
Renee Blackwell

Feature Stories
White metals are all the rage

As gold prices continue to rocket, other pale precious metals are having their turn to shine. Carla Caruso discovers how the market is swaying demand and design. Read more »
Coleby Nicholson

Editor's Desk
The wisdom of Marx

Should online jewellery websites be considered retailers? Actually, it’s impossible to answer that in a meaningful way and, besides, it’s irrelevant because no one really cares. The real question, and one that has been asked before, is whether online jewellery businesses should be eligible for JAA membership. Read more »
Frederique Constant's new "Index Healey" Limited Edition timepieces

New Products
Frederique Constant

These men’s timepieces are new limited edition models from Frederique Constant’s “Index Healey” Limited Edition collection. Read more »
Olga Karolina's cognac amber and sterling silver pendant

New Products
Olga Karolina

Hailing from the provinces of Eastern Europe, this amber piece of jewellery is the latest from Olga Karolina. Read more »
SJ Jewels' peacock-inspired necklace

New Products
SJ Jewels

The iridescent blue-green hues of a peacock’s feathers inspired SJ Jewels’ latest collection. Read more »
Sydney Gold River's dragonfly pendant

New Products
Sydney Gold River

This dragonfly pendant is one of the latest additions to Sydney Gold River’s Samoro pendants collection. Read more »
Passion8 four-claw diamond ring

New Products

A diamond ring, earrings and pendant set from Passion8’s jewellery collection. Read more »
Diamond Exchange has gone into administration

Diamond Exchange enters administration

Diamond Exchange has been put into administration after months of trading problems and disputes with dissatisfied customers. Read more »
The phony Nina Online Gallery and Boutique website, almost identical to the real one

Online scam hits Australian jewellers

An Australian jeweller has been hit by a scam that uses an exact replica of the company’s website to fool people into phony business proposals. Read more »
Passion8 bridal jewellery from Miller Diamonds

Personalisation trend hits bridal jewellery

New trends are revolutionising the traditional bridal jewellery market, according to the trend forecasters behind Inhorgenta watches and jewellery fair. Read more »


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