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Be careful you're not standing out like everyone else! It's not different if everyone does it!

Tips on Selling
Do you want to make an impact? These three letters hold the secret

USP – these three letters are thrown around often and retailers have been told that implementing unique selling propositions can help provide an edge over competitors. The question is … do you understand the true meaning? Subscription required. Read more »
Learn to keep your relationship with your customer fresh and exciting

Tips on Selling
Why customer service is like dating

The most important ingredient in the recipe for jewellery retail success is the customer – without them there is no retail business. Nancy Georges reports on how to keep the relationship fresh. Subscription required. Read more »
Use your data to get to know your customers. They don't have to remain bits of information on your computer.

Tips on Selling
Database to Data-face: Know your customers

Want to know how to effectively market your jewellery business and engage your customers? Get to know your customers with the right data – you’ll be surprised with your sale results. Subscription required. Read more »
This bunny knows what's up with his carrots...

Tips on Selling
Never sell a carat to a rabbit

Jewellers selling to someone who knows more about the product is like selling a carrot to a rabbit. TRENT LAYSHAM has some tips on the best ways to sell a rabbit a carrot, or even a carat?

Subscription required. Read more »


Thursday, 17 January, 2019 10:52pm
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