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Pinterest can help generate jewellery sales

Tips on Selling
How to sell jewellery with pinterest

It cannot be argued that jewellery’s greatest appeal is its visual aesthetic, so what better way to promote it than through a social media site that shares the same allure? Pinterest offers product promotion through sheer visual delight. Read more »
If you’re not comfortable with setting up and managing social media accounts, why not get help from someone who is better skilled in this area?

Tips on Selling
Get your social media control freak on

Younger generations may “get” social media but do they “get” your business? Emily Mobbs reports that deciding who should handle social media tasks mightn’t necessarily be the obvious choice.  Subscription required. Read more »
Ongoing relationships are imperative

Tips on Selling
Differentiate customers from consumers

Most small businesses might believe they offer great service but customers often disagree. Barry Urquhart says this is because stores fail to build relationships, which is costing them repeat sales. Subscription required. Read more »
Would customers seek your input before making a purchase?

Tips on Selling
Wanted: a great shopping experience

Today’s consumers are armed with more information than ever before. Stu Schlackman says they don’t want assistance from sales staff; they want better shopping experiences. Subscription required. Read more »


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