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Weekend Reading
Diamonds: a change is coming, Is 3D printing the future for fashion jewellery? The world’s most opulent watches unveiled

Is De Beers’ wrong? Are diamonds really forever? Although demand remains strong, supply is facing a dramatic downfall. There’s been no major mine discoveries in the past 20 years, so what is next for the diamond market?

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Weekend Reading
Kate Middleton sets new trend with Monica Vinader jewellery, Gisele Bundchen oozes glamour in Christmas jewellery campaign, Monica Lewinsky's tips to transform your jewellery business

The Duchess of Cambridge has branched off from the traditional royal style of jewellery, and stepped out in contemporary brand Monica Vinader. The trendy jewellery is popular amongst A-list celebrities such as Emma Watson, Cara Delevingne and Sienna Miller. Meanwhile, Gisele Bundchen’s long-awaited Vivara Christmas campaign has been revealed. The former Victoria’s Secret model is sure to set tongues wagging over the stunning new range.

While coloured diamonds have been the talk of the town recently, it seems colourless diamonds are still just as popular. And finally, Monica Lewinsky offers rebranding tips to transform your business. Read more »

Weekend Reading
Piaget inspired by jet-setting crowd of 60s and 70s, Ancient Greek jewellery discovered in tomb, Jeweller combines 3D technology with 1,000-year-old tradition

In celebration of its 140th anniversary, Piaget has released a jewellery collection inspired by the brand’s eye-catching designs worn by the likes of Jackie Kennedy and Elizabeth Taylor in the 1960s and 1970s. Archeologists have discovered a haul of jewellery in an ancient tomb in Bulgaria. The pieces date back to third century BC and provide fascinating insights into the fashion of that time. Speaking of jewellery discoveries, remember when news broke about a woman who unwittingly acquired a brooch and ring that once belonged to author Agatha Christie? Well that jewellery has sold at auction for more than 400 times the amount originally paid. Read more »

Weekend Reading
Meet the man behind Kanye West’s jewellery, Blake Lively sparks coloured diamond trend, Swarovski unveils new season jewellery themes

Kanye West, Michael Jackson and Justin Bieber are just a few of Ben Baller’s clients. Read how the jeweller – who charges a minimum of US$25,000 for his designs – made a name for himself within the music business. In other news, Blake Lively, Kristen Bell and Olivia Palermo’s engagement rings begin a vibrant craze, while Swarovski’s creative team has tuned into human emotions in order to develop trend directions for the upcoming season. Finally, did you hear about the diamond that was launched into space two months ago? It still hasn’t been found! Read more »

Weekend Reading
Downton Abbey sparks jewellery trend, Moto 360 the crème del la crème of smartwatches? Is 3D printing disruptive?

Period drama Downton Abbey is the latest television series to spark a new jewellery trend – or should that be old jewellery trend? It is set in the art deco era after all. Motorola’s new Moto 360 is currently the only available round-faced smartwatch but is that enough to make the timepiece a leader in its field? Meanwhile, Delfina Delettrez puts on a clever show in Paris, displaying her latest range of diamond rings in a very cool fashion. Read more »


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